Brisbane Team...


1. Darius Boyd ©
2. Corey Oates
3. James Roberts
4. Tautau Moga
5. Jordan Kahu

6. Anthony Milford
7. Kodi Nikorima

8. Korbin Sims
9. Andrew McCullough
10. Adam Blair
11. Sam Thaiday
12. Matt Gillett
13. Josh McGuire

14. Alex Glenn
15. Joe Ofahengaue
16. Herman Ese’ese
17. David Mead

Reserve: Ben Hunt
Reserve: George Fai
Reserve: Jaydn Su’A
Reserve: Jonus Pearson

Coach: Wayne Bennett

In for a long night…


We’re screwed

Indeed, this is one game which I fear will be very ugly, Broncos boast excellent mobility and that backline has the Tigers covered for speed in spades.

The salary cap sombrero clearly at work.

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