Please vote for my kittens, pleeeeeese

Whiskas has on a promotion and I totes need your help. All it takes is to enter a captcha so like five seconds of your time.
If I win I will organise a competition on the forum here of some kind. Prize likely to be a WT merch pack of some kind.

Sam:" onclick=";return false;

Lex:" onclick=";return false;

Thanks everybody!

I helped you out mate.

Got a loooong way to go to catch up to the leaders though!

thanks a bunch guys! i know eh… oh well we’ve only been online for one day, hopefully by some miracle i magically get 5000 votes.

Lex looks just like a kitty I used to have! Go Lex …
I tried to vote again, but it didn’t work. Sorry.

Yeah you can only vote once a day. Thanks everyone!

Just love a man who loves cats. 😛 Assuming you are male. Will vote daily.

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