Brain Cancer

Just watched Brett Kimmorley on League Life talking about his beloved wife Sharnie and her battle with brain cancer. Hope everyone buys a Mark Hughes beanie to support cancer research, l did.

Dont wear beanies but ill defo be on board….
Brett is a great person.

RIP Sharnie

Puts all this crap into perspective…That guy gave 100% every single time he played…

Absolutely terrible illness (as is all cancer), limited remission/cure rates and gets very little of the total cancer research budget. Saw that this is one of the biggest killers of kids under 12, hope everyone gets behind this initiative.

Just went online and bought one. Heartbreaking story

I lost my oldest brother to Brain cancer 27 years ago.
Absolutely devastating form of cancer, with very little research funds allocated to find a cure.
Chris O’Brien one of the best brain cancer surgeons also died for this cancer.
Hopefully his legacy “Chris O’Brien Lifehouse” will be able to help find a cure for this cancer.

Absolutely heart-breaking watching Noddy on League Life, the poor bloke is a shattered man. All the best Noddy, seems such a good man, hope he and his daughters find happiness in the future.
Paul White also spoke very well, I’m sure he is a huge inspiration for his family and the Broncos club as well.

I challenge anyone to watch him on that show and NOT buy a beanie. Powerful and heart breaking stuff. Go home and tell your wife you love her and buy a beanie!!!

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