Did you start supporting the Wests Tigers before the merger or after?

Just interested to see how many people have only known the Wests Tigers as one club.

Old man played a couple of games for the maggies in the 70’s, so you were with Wests or out of the house…

Before the merger Balmain tigers I went to my first game at leichhardt as a baby in 1960 the old oval shape ground and played in a east to west direction followed the mighty Balmain tigers ever since Len Killeen was my hero

Whats his name Blaze, if you dont mind?
It was hard to support WTs before the JV….I supported Wests

I’d never heard of the West Tigers before the merger but I grew up in Balmain and supported my local team and played in the junior comp.

Magpies from the mid-80s. Have a heap of mates who were Balmain supporters, so it was great for me.

Balmain tiger who suffered the misery of grand final losses in 88 and 89. But 2005 put that all away for me. I hope my kids get to witness a grand final win sometime soon. I think with ivan we finally have a plan so hopefully good times ahead.

Balmain fan, casual.
Wests tigers fan, die hard.

Wests Tigers since 08’

Balmain tragic since 1986.

The might of the Black & White since 1977

Balmain since late 70’s. Was at 88 and 89 grand finals. Balmain tiger’s football member and voted yes to merger. WT fan ever since with no regrets at all

I played for the junior Seagulls in the early 90s but then had the opportunity with my school team to have a clinic with Wayne Peace and some other Balmain players and was sold from then on.

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