Chris Cornell RIP

Just heard that musician Chris Cornell has passed away. Was only 52. Fell On Black Days is one of my favourite songs of all time. Will always be the voice of Soundgarden and the music behind many memorable times in many people’s lives.
May that amazing voice be heard forever.

Wow that’s surprising. Soundgarden were an awesome band remember seeing them in 96 such a good show

Sad to hear, he produced some good music over a long period. Great hard rock vocalist.

Absolute shame….don’t make too many lead signers like him anymore

Massive loss to the music world …
Love Sound Garden & Audioslave …
Massive , massive loss .
RiP Chris .

My absolute favourite singer. Would have to have been one of the best volalists of all time.
Very sad.

This sucks. I really liked him. Temple of the Dog was a one off album but I loved it years ago and I still love it.

Wow, so sad, he was great. Soundgarden, Audioslave, temple of the dog. Not just a wonderful voice but a great guitarist as well!

Sadly he had his demons.


So sad to hear, I was listening to Audioslave yesterday and admiring the sound Cornell helped create with them, and I still dig the video clip for Black Hole Sun. RIP.

What??? I was listening to SpoonMan yesterday

Was never the biggest Soundgarden fan. Saw them at Soundwave though. Regardless, Chris Cornell was a hell of a musician. Absolutely flawless. RIP.

Damn. I was a fan. Sad news.

That sucks, saw soundgarden a couple years ago (was waiting for faith no more at soundwave). Really enjoyed it, black hole sun and spoon man were two of my favourite songs as a kid.

Went to see him on his acoustic Songbook tour, absolutely amazing just him and a guitar. A very sad day.

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