Never fought id sa ly this but hes gotta be dropped for a couple of games.

Ranking,lovett,edwards,sue should not play again.
Nofo however is not learning how to defend. Yes some blame must be attributed to the inside, however ive never seen a winger make the wrong choice most of the time. If i was a opposition half id target him all day. If he doesnt learn then two weeks in isp.

Was listening to 2gb towards the end of the game…and brohman stated he has some serious defensive problems…like the bloke,but seriously questioning his resigning

He needs to become a fullback maybe ???

It’s simple really. Great in attack/ woeful in defense so the question is are we willing to continue putting up with his costly defending for the sake of his powerful carries and offloads? The answer is he probably should be held accountable. No, I correct that because there is no one else. He stays.

Its bloody simple. Stay on your wing!! How hard is it to just defend your player? you have to trust your inside. If suli misses a tackle its his mistske hel learn from that.This jamming in is just ridiculous.

He’s always been just as bad as Naiqama. Kev was only half the problem when they were alongside each other.


He needs to become a fullback maybe ???

As long as we carry players that might be great blokes but its obvious that their just not up to it we will always be a bottom 8 side….cleary needs to clean out the backline…and get out their and buy some proven first graders
Hayne or folou…no more reserve graders like zeleniac and co

Yep he needs a few weeks in ISP but who else do we have to replace him?
Has Cleary brought over his own defensive coach or do we still have the old one?

His a fullback, I would be playing him there next year. He will be a revelation.

Guys come on.
The teams been torn apart…nofo makes some really good defensive decisions - but it’s a team effort, the centers need to press up etc…
It doesn’t help tedesco can’t defend from fullback

Shouldn’t have been re-signed
I wonder if he would have been re-signed if all the media drama wasn’t there


He needs to become a fullback maybe ???

Too slow ….too slow for the wing as well

We’ve beefed up the pack for 2018 which is great, but we desperately need at least 2 quality outside backs, plus a fullback. I’m stumped as to why we haven’t been active. No interest in Gagai or Chambers. Its not like we don’t have the money. Ridiculous.

Yeah he is seriously doing my head in.
He can’t read a defensive line for crap, lucky he makes up for it with his runs if not he wouldn’t even be 1st grade worthy.
His genuinely passionate for our Club and that to me is a big + after all the crap.

He hasn’t looked the same since the injury from the sharks game
last week to me looked like he was still favouring the leg.
That’s the only thing I can think of as he has been horrible the last 2 weeks.

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