Suaso Sue

  • What has happened to this guy? I had high hopes for him a few years back, but he has gone backwards at a rate of knots!

  • Another one that’s shirking his duties .
    Takes a cheap shot at Milford … Guarantees he gets a week off !

  • He is massively disappointing isn’t he. The occasional good run but so many dud plays. Grant, Aloiai & Ava are all better than him.

  • Really not sure what’s happened to Sue, had high hopes for him but seems to have dropped off rather quickly as you say.

  • I really do believe he has had too many head knocks over the past 12 months.

  • He only played about 20 mins for Samoa vs Poms - says it all really - the headknocks have hurt him bigtime.

  • Life aint easy for a boy named Sue.

  • Sue will be one of the major beneficiaries of the arrival of Matulino and Packer. We’ve got a shell of a pack at the moment and they’re all struggling to make any impact.

  • Excess baggage, ineffective in attack and defence.

  • Brain damage.

    Agree that he’ll be a better player next year when he’s surrounded by some hearty players.

  • @:

    Excess baggage, ineffective in attack and defence.

    Spot on.

  • Would like to see how he goes with a better pack around him otherwise he will play plenty of State Cup in 2018

  • @:

    I really do believe he has had too many head knocks over the past 12 months.

    You could even say the last 2 months…surprised the club hasn’t acted on this. He was coming on well but has fallen to the depths of a plodder.

  • Scored a great try against Parra. He copped two HIA’s in the same game earlier in the year. Don’t think that’s ever happened before.

  • I am wondering whether he is trying to turn down the impact/aggression so that he can play more minutes? Agree he has been pretty ordinary this year but some of the problem might be having a coach that works out where to play him and sticks with it.

    Think JT decided he was going to be an edge forward this year, but he is not quick enough, does not have lateral movement and his defence is poor. I am not sure that he has the size to play in the middle, so not sure where he fits.

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