• How are we going to score points for the rest of the season?

I watched the game last night and had to turn it off at half time… Just couldn’t see how we were going to get over the line. So my question is… How are we going to score?

Goal kicking wont be an issue …

Well Rankin and JLJ won’t be our halves for the rest of the year.

One thing I did enjoy last night was 3 sets in a row following 2 drop outs. Has that happened so far this season?


Goal kicking wont be an issue …

That is true, but if we continue to play like we did last night we will get a lot of practice kicking off!

Our halves last night are just not up to it at NRL level. But whilst the myth is out we should either play Rankin or JLJ at 7 and Taylor at 6.

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