Adam Elliot (Bulldogs)

  • After watching the Bulldogs v Roosters game, this Adam Elliot kid is amazing. At the age of 22, he is very strong and fast and he plays in the second-row. He is 6 ft, 103 kg and is also off-contract at the Bulldogs. If we sign him, we are certain to have a long time starting second-rower who can give the Tigers much needed attack.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Like him a lot. Would happily take him off the Bulldogs hands…

  • He is very good. St Gregs boy too. And Australian Schoolboys captain.

  • I don’t think the Bulldogs will be able to hold onto him with their request for a increase in cap for 2018 denied again.

  • This deserves a thread.
    Wont happen.
    Keep dreaming.

  • @:

    This deserves a thread.
    Wont happen.
    Keep dreaming.

    It might if we chased him, the Dogs haven’t had the chance to offload any players yet and will be under a lot of salary cap pressure with little room to offer frsh contracts yet. No idea if we’re interested in him. Anyway all this discussion about Elliott was had about 3 weeks ago in the signing suggestions and rumours thread…

  • The Dogs are operating under the understanding that the 2018 salary cap will be roughly equivalent to the GDP of Belgium. With Dib and Polites doing the whinging and receptive ears at HQ it may still happen. If it does I’d be happy to cut them and Brisbane loose and play the teams who aren’t wholesale cheaters. The Dogs et al can play in a 4 or 5 team jerk circle super comp with no salary cap and 60 player rosters. The other teams can get on with real footy.

  • I think he is an ideal player for us. Committed, skilled and a little bit feisty. Just the sort of young player we need to compliment the old hard heads of McQueen, Matulino, Packer and Taylor.

  • Would be perfect to get him across. Love the way he plays the game. Dogs are having massive cap issues and he is off contract, so would definitely try and steal him.

  • Screw Eastwood, should be going after this bloke. Really like the way he plays.

  • Would be ideal but it wont happen

  • He is best mates with Grub so that may help

  • @:

    Would be ideal but it wont happen

    Why not? Once again, money talks and it was definitely the difference in swaying Packer, who was happy at St.George.

  • @:

    He is best mates with Grub so that may help

    Ah the best mates angle!

  • he’s a smart man too.

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