Teddy at 6?

Gonna go ahead put my vote out there for Cleary to move Tedesco to five-eighth. I’d give Rankin one more game, but if he doesn’t impress I’d give Teddy the 6. Sure, he doesn’t have the ball skills of Moylan, but he has a serviceable short kicking game, and if we can get Lolohea across early (or even if we can’t) we can get him working on combinations with Brooks and the backs.
Our attacking shape would be a mess, but having Brooks playing both sides with Teddy running off him and Nofo/Lolohea off him at least gives us some punch, and hopefully means we can feed Suli a bit earlier if Ted is one more pass infield.
Yes, it’s weakening one position to strengthen another, but if all Teddy is going to do this year is tuck it under his arm and run then I think we’re better off with him at 6, and also puts more pressure on defenders to mark Teddy and Nofo/Tui (and Suli and Marsters outside them). And on that, means we can bring up Esan and see if he can make it as a top flight centre or if we need to consider shifting him back to the back row. Kev vs MWZ is a judgment call, but Naiqama’s been good with Suli inside him and has the team experience on his side.

1. Nofoaluma/Lolohea
2. Naiqama
3. Suli
4. Marsters
5. MWZ/Nofoaluma
6. Tedesco
7. Brooks


Lolo will not be fit enough to play fullback, he will play 6.

I’ll be honest mate, its not the best idea I’ve ever heard. Teddy has never played in the halves and Lolohea isn’t a done deal. It might work but I don’t see Cleary messing with that at this point in time.

I actually would like to see tedesco at 6…

He would just end up playing laterally like Benji, except our backs wouldnt see ANY ball at all

Tedesco hasn’t been able to pass for 6 months, so its s no from me. I do like the idea of playing Lolo at fullback if thats where he is going to play next year but 851 is right, ge isn’t fit enough.

While were at it why not put woods at halfback and brooks at centre. Who let tim sheens in here? 😂😂

I understand where your coming from but lets notchange a position we already have covered. Tedesco cant pass properly anyway.

Lolohea is WT version of the Easter Bunny, often spoken about but never actually seen. Would be best to put our eggs in another basket so to speak. Hopoate, Cody Walker or Alex Johnston.

Im not feeling it.
I think Teddy is an average defender.

Tedesco used to be able to throw a sublime pass, he’s stopped doing that over the past 6-9 months so I wouldn’t move him to 6.

He can’t pass as it is, he could but doesn’t any more so I wouldn’t be moving him to 6

Not the dumbest suggestion of late…but it’s up there…

I personally like the idea of putting him to the wing, where he doesn’t have to pass.
Also, Nofoaluma can go to fullback so he can work on just his carries and not have to worry about his defence.

Rankin will always give his all and he isn’t that bad of a half, he can also kick goals.

How about Liddle? He’s got a bit of spark, can pass, has good vision and can defend ok

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