Parra vs Souths *Spoilers*

Opening 20, Moses is playing incredible.

Yep. Going well.
Hang on that was a crap mid field bomb

Moses makes a quick move then knocks on

Souths have had bugger all ball so far. Lets judge him after he operates under pressure. Im tipping he folds.

Farah is playing quite well.

God, souths look trash.
Wanna see em smash moses.

There’s going to be games and moments he looks like a star, that’s unavoidable. I honestly don’t have the energy to death ride him, it takes enough out of me supporting our team.

Gutho is a great player

We would beat souths tonight

Reynolds was taken out at marker in Radradras try

Sterlo showing an unusual bias saying it’s a tough call against a Parra player tripping a souths player without facing him… It snot that difficult
Moses needs his ugly head kicked to a bloody pulp

The commentators talking him up every 5 seconds is not making it any easier.

Wouldn’t mind Farah and Moses getting into a punch up, i’d be saying “RIP INTO EACH OTHER FELLAS”. Both are dogs.

Souths have bee abysmal.


Reynolds was taken out at marker in Radradras try

100% cant believe refs let that ride

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