So who are the genuine premiership contenders?

  • We’re halfway through the season, some clubs have surpassed expectations and others have flopped. The ladder is currently as follows…

    1. Sharks
    2. Storm
    3. Broncos
    4. Roosters
    5. Dragons
    6. Sea Eagles
    7. Raiders
    8. Cowboys
    9. Eels
    10. Bulldogs
    11. Warriors
    12. Panthers
    13. Titans
    14. Rabbitohs
    15. Wests Tigers
    16. Knights

    Sharks, Storm, Broncos, Dragons, Roosters and Eagles have been quite impressive. The Raiders not far behind them. I really can’t decide.

    Who is everyone tipping?

  • if the Warriors can win their next two I feel they will become a pain for some of the top sides.

  • Banned

    Storm for the title knocking off the Rorters in the GF.

  • I find it hard to see anyone getting past Cronulla unfortunately. Melbourne seems to be the best of the rest but they just don’t match up well against the Sharks. Barring a pretty bad injury run I think they’re just too good across the board to lose it.

  • As bad as things have been for the Rabbitohs I would not be surprised if they make it far in the finals… IF they can make the top 8.

    Dragons are a dark knight right now, wouldn’t be absolutely shocked if they won. I think the Broncos will win though.

  • Reasons i dont want the following to win lol


    1. Sharks - Gallen
    2. Storm - Smith
    3. Broncos - Thaiday
    4. Roosters - My mate
    5. Dragons
    6. Sea Eagles
    7. Raiders - My Mate
    8. Cowboys - Won Recently

  • Sharks, Broncos, Dragons, Manly, Canberra

    Someone out of those 5 will win

  • Sharks, broncos, Melbourne, and roosters are a step above at the moment but still a ways to go a there are a few who could go on a run led by Dragons and Canberra.

  • Melbourne standouts
    Chooks not far behind
    Sharks and Brooks next line
    the rest no chance

  • The Sharks just keep finding ways to win - It’s a well worn cliche, but holding true.

    Anyone in the current top 8 on their day can take it out.

  • Sharks, Storm or Raiders for mine. Broncos and Roosters will be thereabouts but I can’t see them stringing wins together through the finals series.

  • Roosters v Storm Grand final. Flip a coin for the winner.

  • Storm have so much to play for with Cronk likely to retire and possible Slater as well.

    Storm also losing other players so this could be the end of the era for them.

    Only Sharks, Easts and Raiders do I give a chance too.

  • The usual suspects will be there come final time,Sharkes,Storm,Rorters and Broncos but if the Raiders can get their act together a lot of teams will be worried.

  • I can see the Dragons falling over before the season ends, they’ve got a decent squad but I think they’re playing at their ceiling now, while Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Roosters and Sharks have a fair bit left in them. Same with Manly I guess, I just don’t see them going blow-for-blow with the best teams playing at their best.

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