WESTS Tigers Team V St George

1 James Tedesco
2 David Nofoaluma
3 Malakai Watene Zelezniak
4 Moses Suli
5 Kevin Naiqama
6 Tuimoala Lolohea
7 Jack Littlejohn
8 Aaron Woods ©
9 Matt McIlwrick
10 Ava Seumanufagai
11 Kyle Lovett
12 Chris Lawrence
13 Elijah Taylor

14 Tim Grant
15 JJ Felise
16 Joel Edwards
17 Jacob Liddle

18 Esan Marsters
19 Matthew Eisenhuth
20 Jordan Rankin
21 Michael Chee-Kam


Lovett and Edwards still 😦

I thought it was just a Jason Taylor thing. Would much prefer Masters or Eisenhuth blooded this year, this year is gone anyway.


Where is Brooksy?

Hammy still bad

Gee the Dragons will have to be at their very best to match that lineup. No wonder they’re rushing to get Dugan and Widdop back in time.

In particular i’m looking forward to
a) Lovett’s brilliance on the right hand side (he’ll be giving Joel Thompson a few headaches!)
b) Littlejohn’s dynamic passing and devastating running game. I think he’s a lock for the 3 Dally M points.
c) Edwards coming on as an impact player. Wow. 15m to 20m on every carry at least. Can you see Vaughn and Packer hanging off him as he charges his way through the middle, unable to bring him down? I can.

I can’t wait.

Lovett and Edwards :bash

Small pack against a a big mobile pack - not confident.

how on earth did Aaron woods get picked over Paul Vaughn?

My god thats a bog average side cant wait till next year. Anyway, rip in and have a crack. Saints might have an off day.

JJ might actually get a run this week unless he gets shafted for Marsters…

who’s this Matthew Eisenhuth guy? He any good? Can’t say ive followed the tigers as closely as i have in previous years.

I like it. I don’t think Edwards should be there because he missed some tackles outright due to being out of position last game however Lovett to me was fine apart from one dropped ball. Lovett has also apparently been killing it in reserves.

Littlejohn was terrible in his last game and I don’t he should be in first grade but I figure this season is a write off and it’s okay to give him another chance. I’d play Rankin there.

Felise getting a shot is awesome. Marsters & Eisenhuth potentially getting a look in is also good. Lolohea straight in is also good.

Still we will probably get smashed. I can’t wait until next year to when we don’t have the traitors playing for us and we beef up our pack.

I don’t think Lawrence will play…Chee-Kam not named in ISP others have been…they play Friday night so lets see…hoping Marsters can debut…

Rankin very hard done by to have JLJ in front of him again.

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