Magpies to be 2018 ISP team?

Yep, Cleary confirms it in the Coach and CEO - Q and A part 3.


I think that they are pushing away from NRL teams fielding their own ISP cup side. Is part of expanding the competition and trying to give the teams playing their own identity.
The number of NRL clubs playing in the ISP under their own identity these days is shrinking

Coming from the Wests side of the JV I don’t get the strategy here. Wests Tigers will run the first grade and U20 teams while the Magpies will run the ISP side. I assume both Wests and Balmain will run individual U18 and U16 teams. There just seems to be a disconnect to me in that set up. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with Wests putting in the lion’s share of funding at this juncture.

No U/20 team after 2017 or 2018, at least not aligned with NRL. They will play in state based competitions.

This doesn’t make any sense and i’d like to hear their rationale behind this. If we’re WT in NRL and u20s why would we use a different brand for nsw cup? I know some clubs do, but they often have had a much longer history than ours. We need a consistent brand strategy and unity and this will all likely just cause another round of tigers v magpies crap which benefits no-one.

I support WT, both WM and BT belong in junior grades only these days.

Someone better prepare a double wide seat. Alien might be jumping on the bus when he hears this news.

Alien won’t be allowed on the bus, he’ll tip the bus over it’s GVM.

On topic. If there is a national reserve grade I have no issue with the NSW State Cup team being the Magpies.

I’m an old Balmain supporter and I don’t care actually. Makes sense to me to keep the brand consistent all grades, but really what difference does it make?

Currently Canberra are fed by Mounties, Cronulla by Newtown, Manly by Blacktown, Eels by Wenty, Souths by North Sydney, Stains by the Cutters, Roosters by Wyong. That means of all the NSW and ACT NRL clubs, only 4 have stand-alone ISP sides.

Sure it’s a bit of a touchy subject for us, but really after 17.5 seasons who really cares what the feeder team is called?

And even if they come out and say it’s a nod to the primary financiers, Wests Magpies, well so be it, it’s true and they are allowed to ask for recognition.

What is the fuss about…

Pathways won’t change one iota …call them the Wests Magical Mysterious Unicorns …the important part was Cleary’s comment that coaching structure and philosophy down through the grades will mirror the NRL…

The funding will remain the same regardless …the other good news is it will revert back to 3 games of footy for home games with the Under 20’s and ISP playing on the same day as NRL…

I think its a great decision to have seperation between NRL & ISP with the new format starting in 2018… The Wests Magpies are back where they belong, in NSW Cup.

Well Done to everyone who allowed for this transition to happen!

Not sure what the big deal is tbh… Pathway remains the same which is the main thing. Was good to hear Ivan state that all grades will have the same structure of play of the nrl team which is a good thing imo

Not too many clubs these days have an ISP team of the same name, if any.

Personally I think that it would have been better to partner with a 3rd party club rather than bring back history, and I am an old Magpies fan.

Maybe a group6 club where the population is increasing, are likely to be able to tap into juniors, develop a new supporter base and located not far from one of the current bases.

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