Worst performance I have ever seen from a halfback

Fairdinkum, Littlejohn…wow

rankin was good vs broncos why didnt he get a go first

He is absolute trash. Made so many costly mistakes that game, he pretty much cost us in the end. I really dont know why we keep persisting with him when we have rankin there who could do a much better job. Brooksy cant return quick enough

i dont understand this guy

he’s a halfback, that’s already probably the most important position in the team. he knows he’s the second choice, he has to do something spectacular to retain that, he needs to show the coach that he’s more than a second choice. any other 25 year old would play his butt off but this guy just seems to cruise the whole time. wake up mate!!

0 marks for effort.

Hurry back Brooks. JLJ not up to reserve grade standard on that performance

He should never be picked for 1st grade again

Its not a surpirse I mean he is halfback for the NSW cup team coming dead ast by a fair whack trying to play NRL. He isnt and has never been up to it and even the tigers know that and always have which is why he isn’t paid NRl money.

He was though as stated absolut trash.

If I never see Chee Kam or Littlejohn in FG again it will be too soon.

Brooks and MWZ play today we win

Never seen a half throw so many passes to no-one. Back to Sherwood Forest with him.

Just nothing. Zero. Nil. Nada.

z grade rubbish. littlejohn should never be seen again.

Littlejohn is not NRL standard at all, our depth has to be the worst in the comp…

And to think he was once touted as the next big thing at Manly before Cherry-Evans popped up.

Agree. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the NRL team. Useless!

Shocking. I hope we don’t see him again

All of above …. plus I raise you Chee Kam and Lovett!

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