Ethan Abou-Ghaida

I found another talented outside back.

His name is Ethan Abou-Ghaida. He plays fullback and also wing. Ethan is currently in the Sharks development squad.I don’t think he is quite as good as Sean Sabutey but he has more speed and a better running game. He has a good work ethic and runs the ball hard and fast and also possesses a great step. He makes a few good tackles in the videos. I think he is playing up an age in the videos below so he still has growing and development.

Need to start looking at the videos from the Footy Show’s league of their own segment over the last 10 years and find out what some of those kids are up to.

With all do respect Ben, these threads are going to get old really fast

I can name a bunch of players you’ve probably never heard of as well……

Development squad?
Surely we arent that desperate.

If he’s not as good as an unknown reserve grader then he probably ain’t what we are after.

Not as good as Sean Sebutey! That’ll do me…You know I played Harold Matthews for Norths 25 years ago - I’ll have to transfer the footage from reel to reel but I’m sure Pascoe will be impressed.

Very, very ordinary - and a bit of a hog as well.

I’d probably keep this one to myself young Ben, although I have utmost respect for your efforts to help out.

I have a young bloke about your age and I know how keen he is to be involved in everything. Keep being a one-eyed Tigers supporter because the club needs fans like you - you’re the future.

I think it’s great you wrote to Pascoe but I wouldn’t make a habit of it, I’m sure they have scouts checking out lots of people we don’t know about.

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