NRL The changing game.

I was listening to ABC grandstand in the car. Bulldogs V Penrith, I think it was Bobcat that said
“the game over the last 12 months has really changed a lot. Teams aren’t just setting up a big play on the last. They are now attacking for every play”.

Agree or disagree?
I think we have chosen players for 2018 that can help in team compete on every play. With offloading props and a busy 5/8. Rather than players that just truck it up.

Seems a strange comment for any era. Side usually don’t put their big play on the 5th. It is usually the 4th, then they decide to bomb chip etc on the last depending how the 4th went.

If the opportunities present themselves you should take it, be it on the 1st or 5th.

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