Didn’t get a chance to watch the game Sat. Just wondering how Packer looked against us?

He was very impressive watching him live.

Yeah,I figured playing us is not a good indication of how a player goes, but still good to hear how he went, sounds like a goer then!😁

The thing that impressed me most was the effort he put in when Tedesco was busting through on a kick return late in the game. He did not get him, but not for lack of trying as he dived at full stretch and was straight back to his feet to try get back in the play.

Watched one of our frontrowers jog along and watch as they scored earlier in the game and he was in a much better position to put in some sort of attempt, particularly for the money he gets.

He was impressive again, good runs and really quick play the balls, lands on his front almost every time.

I was picturing 2018 with Packers damaging runs and a quick play the ball and Liddle and Tui causing issues for the other team off it.

So strong in the tackle contest - eons ahead of our guys in that respect.

He looked really good against us. Quality hit-ups and a quick play the ball. He also looks to have an offload in him.

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