Eisenhuth to Debut...

Re-sign him now for 2 years.

He’s got size, work rate, and a good defender.


Funny, he has been here 2 years and we have seen the same nufties rotated through the team while he watches on. I remember people talking him up in pre-season saying he was the round 1 smokey. Has taken 14 games to see him get to top grade, while Lovett, Edwards, Sue, MCK all cycle through failing to make any impact.

Hope they get him re-signed soon.


Runs like he means it, unlike Captain Flavio.

He’s the sort of forward we have been looking for. Hope he gets plenty more games for us at NRL level.


That inside pass to Taylor probably cost us the game but I guess that’s just enthusiasm from a first timer. Overall he was really good and didn’t look out of place at all. I hope he gets some more games and eventually becomes a regular first grader.

Just shows that we don’t need to buy in the whole team for next year.

sharks probley would of ran 100 metres to score and win it anyways dont go blamming him for wanting to finish them off i wouldnt trust the rest of the team either
anyways it was a awesome pass that would of been amazing if it had come off he would of had 2 try assists
if hes dumped next week from our team for woods or if jj dumped next week for woods im done we need to start moving forwrd with players that wanna be here .

btw that reserve grade team is getting flogged every week yet why when they come into our starting team do the players look like there first grade meterial ??

We should have re signed him before we let him debut lol. Almost 200m on debut in 53m is wow. We needed a big body forward and here is our man.

Doubt many teams will be knocking his door down after one game. Ball is in our court.


Doubt many teams will be knocking his door down after one game. Ball is in our court.

It seems ironic that Ava is headed to the Sharks and we appear to have found another forward who offers more to our team.

Why are people talking about the second pass as a potential try assist? It was midfield 50m out and ET was covered anyway. Unfortunately not the play, but an otherwise great debut for Matt, always put his hand up which most of our other forwards struggle with.
And to be fair, if there’s a couple of minutes left, I’m on debut and the skipper is calling for it on a play that has already worked tonight, I’m throwing the pass too.

His game was exciting to watch. Seemed to be in everything. What a way to show those around you what can be done with some attitude and belief.

Cant believe he wasnt picked before now

Injury, fitness and salary cap may have all played a part. One game doesn’t make a player but an excellent start. I’d keep him on the bench for the next month and see how he goes. With Grant out his spot is safe. I’d be picking him ahead of everyone bar Woods at prop on current form. Not sure of his agility to play backrow but otherwise could be a definite to replace Sue or Lovett who can never play back row for us ever again

ET should have been yelling at him to hold the ball at the end though. Not in a million years should he have attempted that pass, unless we were losing.

gotta say i watched him a few times last year and he never stood out as a guy who looked like a first grader. very glad to be proven wrong. i realise it was just one game but he looked right at home.

ET mentioned in a radio interview in pre season that he would be in the team come round 1. an injury against the dragons in the first trial put an end to that.

youd have to think he keeps his spot for the immediate future

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