• Ahhhh the tigers are going to take 10 years off my life.:.

    Even though we lost and the 10 mins after the game were hard to swallow… it was exciting seeing how we are going to look next year

    Liddell was great
    Taylor was his usual self
    marsters was a breath of fres air
    Eisenhuth was great
    Lolohea playing what was infeont of him but not doing stupid stuff which those sorts of players can tend to do
    Suli (although quiet)
    Kev was solid!
    Nofo running from dummy half consistently making metres

    Throw the new contracted players into the mix it’s going to be a cracker year 2018

  • Post this in the 3,2,1 thread as u cuddle ur benji doll.

  • I was only half-watching at work but from what I saw Kevvy deserved our motm- or maybe I just think that cos I was expecting the worst.

    Of course it’s heartbreaking but at least a few young guys are standing up to be counted. Will be brighter when the reinforcements get here to back them up next year

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