Wests Tigers out of people to blame..

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    Running through coaches, star players leaving, six straight defeats — Tigers out of people to blame
    PAUL CRAWLEY, The Daily Telegraph
    June 22, 2017 10:44am

    WESTS Tigers have run out of people to blame.

    They’ve gone through Tim Sheens, Mick Potter, Robbie Farah and Jason Taylor in recent years. This season they sacked Taylor after just three rounds to bring in Ivan Cleary.

    At the time chief executive Justin Pascoe told us Cleary was the man to take the club forward. The Tigers are still going backwards.

    They now sit last on the NRL ladder, right below the Newcastle Knights.

    Wests Tigers’ journey to the bottom of the ladder has been years in the making.

    At the start of 2015 club chair Marina Go was the face of a strategic plan that pledged this team would develop into a top-four outfit by 2017. But if the Tigers don’t beat Gold Coast on Thursday night, they will be taking on the Knights in what will be essentially the battle for the wooden spoon next week.

    The question fans should be asking is if anyone in power will ever accept responsibility for the mess this club is in.

    When Taylor got the bullet Pascoe and the board basically made him the sole scapegoat.

    “It is really important to understand as an organisation we’re here to make some tough decisions,” Pascoe said at the time.

    “We are not going to sit here and allow this organisation to drift again and miss out on the finals. It has been since 2011 now.”

    James Tedesco must be counting the days til he leaves Leichhardt.

    Yet they won’t be playing finals footy this year. Last weekend’s loss to Cronulla was the Tigers’ sixth straight defeat.

    You have to go all the way back to round eight against the Bulldogs to find the Tigers’ last win.

    A season that started with so much anticipation after their round one win over South Sydney has rapidly descended into another terrible disappointment.

    Just as concerning for fans should be the fact the under-20s were hammered 84-6 by Cronulla last weekend. That was the highest ever Holden Cup score and equalled the biggest ever loss.

    The Tigers under-20s won the comp in 2012. They currently sit second last on the ladder with the worst for and against in that competition.

    Robbie Farah’s exit was just another example of the club’s problems.

    On paper, you look at the Tigers NRL squad and compare it to what Nathan Brown has at his disposal and they are not even in the same ballpark.

    The Knights would kill to have stars the calibre of Aaron Woods and James Tedesco for starters on their books.

    Yes, the club has made some signings for 2018 with Russell Packer, Ben Matulino, Josh Reynolds and Taane Milne along with the recent acquisition of Tui Lolohea.

    But let’s also remember they haven’t got any of them on the cheap.

    Reynolds labelled the deal that forced him out of the Bulldogs “life-changing”.

    And with Woods and Tedesco going, along with the recent departure of Mitchell Moses, it is hard to see how there will be any great improvements in the near future.

    This will be the sixth straight year the Tigers have not made the finals. The Tigers only finished one win outside the top eight last year under Taylor.

    Now they’re last.

    Fans must have forgotten what it feels like to win. Last weekend the Sharks were without five Origin players to the Tigers’ two.

    Yet the Tigers still found a way to surrender an eight-point lead heading into the final minutes. Yes, there was spirit and commitment for the most part but in the end the same sorry result.

    The club board must under scrutiny as the season has gone into free fall.

    I’m still not convinced Cleary is as clever as he makes out. He’s a good football coach according to players who have worked under him. But he comes across as condescending, if not arrogant, when people outside dare question what is going wrong.

    It is not the attitude you’d think was needed to sell a club sitting last on the ladder.

    You listen to Brown explain Newcastle’s predicament and he is always respectful and forthcoming with information that at least helps fans understand the club’s situation.

    Maybe Cleary knows better, time will tell.

    Not that anyone could point the finger solely at the new coach or even the players for the position the club is in right now.

    This journey to the bottom of the ladder has been years in the making. Everyone involved should take some of the credit.


  • Yawn. Another DT article with an axe to grind. What else is new.

  • Whatever. It’s the telegraph. I blame our SOO players.

  • Can somebody please take off this “Kick Me” sign sticky taped to WT back?

  • Obviously realised the tigers hadn’t copped their weekly dose of negative press from the DT. Non-article. Hopefully results next year stops the slandering.

  • Sick to death of these so and so’s just cause they cant go and find real story they keep hashing all the same old crap. Bury ya head ya **** .

  • I am surprised the tele hasnt blamed WT for losing origin last night or is that Slothfields lead story tomorrow?

  • Would like to put Paul Crawley on the field and see how he goes…

  • The author isnt telling us something we dont already know….he should of said the Tigers are having a massive cleanout and will be at near the top of the ladder next year as this year is already a right off with the brat brigade leaving and sorting out a horrendous cap problem…

    How does he know that the players that have left wont be replaced by someone better…

    1.Moses isnt as good as he and his followers think…
    2.Tedesco was great for two years and has been off the boil this season and it is obvious.
    3.Woods is good …not brilliant as a prop…very ordinary captain …

    So in my opinion the WTs will be on a far better platform next season…stronger in the middle and solid in the backline…

    If there is any one to blame it is the players who were holding the club to ransom for so long to get more money…simple as that…

  • Banned

    So he rates nathan brown as a coach but not cleary. Funny how no one wants to go to newcastle yet the bus is almost full at the basket case club he cant stop writing about.

  • To write and publish this article the morning after an unbelievable state match is astounding.

  • @:

    To write and publish this article the morning after an unbelievable state match is astounding.

    Trying to deflect attention

  • No wonder Ivan doesn’t want to return the DT’s text messages.

  • Haha I wonder if they have a reminder in their calendar, it pops up once monthly: “write anti-Tigers opinion piece”. Plenty of potentially valid criticisms but everyone already knows everything said here, easy targets, no insight or novel commentary, just re-hashed polemic.

    You can go hard at a coach who has been in charge for about 10 weeks but what’s the point? You can make comparisons against the Knights, the worst team of the last couple of years, but most of the time Tigers are down there anyway, so where is the surprise? Why do some outsiders expect Tigers to get better faster than Newcastle? Both clubs have no money. Both clubs have 1 or 2 star rep players and a full roster of players who won’t or just can’t perform consistently against the top clubs.

    It’s just too easy to put the boot into a club that isn’t winning, it becomes boring when they are regularly not winning. You can’t slam the coach he’s gone, you can slam the management or the roster. The management was changed 2 or so years ago, sure you could throw them out but something has to be stable somewhere, and in reality the least recent overhaul was the roster, so it’s their turn.

  • Banned

    I dont see much of these reporters you all regularly talk about except for recently on NRL 360. They are all crazy looking little trolls lol that crawley barely looks human….

    Their opinions are every bit as loopy. They all seem like union men, players do no wrong whilst all ills are produced by management and are very forgiving/supportive of the way these mongs have left the club. They claim to feel sorry for the fans whilst using every medium to consistently lay the boot into the club. He said absolutely nothing new in that article. Total dribbler.

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