Audio Clip (17 Minutes) - Tiger Talk

  • Hi all Tigers fans.

    Been a little while since I did one of these. Bit hard to be too enthusiastic in such a season.

    Talk about.

    • Recent Team Performances
    • Players Performances
    • Ivan Cleary
    • State of the club
    • Fan Expectation
    • Predictions for the rest of the year

  • Yeah gd summary there Eddie. I would have to be honest and say that 10-12 weeks ago I didn’t think we were the worst team in the comp. I stated that whilst Newcastle are running around we are second to last. But the last 4-6 wks I’ve been inclined to rethink my comments.
    The team is just a jumbled mess at the moment and honestly now know whats coming our way. The dreaded spoon will be moved on to use by seasons end.

  • Thanks for putting this together Eddie. Let’s just hope the lads turn things around & start stringing some wins together!

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