Why is Lovett still a Tiger

  • Was just reading an article regarding the Knights signing Shaun Kenny-Dowall and it mentioned that he was released by the Roosters after being convicted of possessing cocaine.

    My question is, why didn’t the Tigers show the same no tolerance approach and release Lovett when he was convicted?

    SKD had in his possession 0.29g of cocaine.
    Lovett had 0.39g.

    Lovett is not even FG standard either, at least the Roosters could have been justified in keeping SKD because he was half decent and had actually performed well in the past.

    The only thing I can think of is that SKD was on his last strike due to past transgressions.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I like this no nonsense approach by the Rorters. These guys are meant to be role models and should know better.

    I would think (not that we should) that a team bends the rules for their star players, not their crap ones.

  • Weren’t we trying to move him on at the time?

  • Agreed. Grub and terrible player

  • Agree, shouldn’t be at the club. Not sure why he’s still here tbh

  • Missed opportunity… Dunno why we hung onto him

  • Lovett should have at least been banished to ISP for an extended stint to learn his lesson. It felt like he was back in 5 minutes.

  • Hmm… if Lovett is not on drugs maybe he should be to improve his game,why is it that our club constantly recruits bog average plodders,we have a history of this dating back to our inception,i doubt any other club comes close to our plodder recruitment record.

  • Because he has a contract.

  • Maybe Cleary thinks he is a Star Player?

  • He is either a relative of someone very important or he has the dirt on someone high up in the club - honestly there is no other explanation.

  • It was weak leadership that lead to Lovett not being booted after the drug charge …really wondering why he was retained could well have connections.

  • Do Alians really exist?
    Is the Loch Ness monster real?
    What is that on Trumps head?

    All of the above are easier questions to tackle.

  • Gets back to one thing…the front office our management stinks…its why were a basket case

  • @:

    Because he has a contract.

    Id hazard a guess hes breached the clubs code of conduct

  • @:


    Because he has a contract.

    Id hazard a guess hes breached the clubs code of conduct

    SKD and Ben Barba had contracts too.

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