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Well , we are all very well aware of the MELBOURNE STORM SALARY CAP SCANDAL. The last major CAP SCANDAL was the Bulldogs, and another by the Warriors, with a multitude of other minor breaches.

The common denominator here is the major breaches have been by Super League / News Ltd aligned teams. With the exclusion of the Roosters, Newcastle and possibly Manly , no ARL aligned club has been seen as a major cap rorter.

News Ltd MUST accept responsibility for this , and make , with great haste , a rapid exit from the game. As a part owner of the game itself with 3 clubs aligned with their organisation involved in the 3 biggest cap breaches , the stink goes all the way to the top. Let News start another Mickey Mouse Competition……alongside one run by the ARL aligned clubs.

IS IT time to have a US style , 2 conference Superbowl type system ? …A salary cap free competition where the players are paid whatever the clubs can afford ( But players in this comp would be barred from playing representative football, run by News Ltd ?) With that winner playing the winner of a second competition , WITH a salary cap , and ALL players eligible for state and country representation. With a representative exclusion of 2 years for those coming from a non capped to a capped competition.

Would show up the caracter of a lot of Players/ officials/ business houses.

One of the conditions of News Ltd leaving the game was that the Independant Comission with the 15 other clubs ensure Melbourne survive. Well now that we find out Melbourne was bleeding big money because they paid over to players and have cheated against all the other clubs, I don’t think the comission will be so giving and News so demanding, thats even if Melbourne survive that long. They have abused their fans hard-earned cash which has effectively become a waste and scrubed from all but memories. If they have poor crowds for the rest of the season and News Ltd want to leave the club, they will fold.

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