Mitchell Moses – The Worst Half In the NRL Backed By Stats.

  • <big>Mitchell Moses – The Worst Half In the NRL Backed By Stats.</big>

    ‘Mitchell Moses – The worst half in the NRL backed by stats and the Eels new worst nightmare. Not many players are so bad we write an article about them, but Moses is one of them, not quite as bad as Jack “Error Making Machine” Wighton but he’s up there.

    We’ll look at the statistics and you’ll see why. Not only is he the worst half in the game he’s also a cry baby. It’s too bad for the Eels supporters that they have to now have this sook at their club.

    The stats;

    Missed tackles: 49 missed tackles over the first 10 games. He’ll have way over 100 missed tackles for the entire season. This guy gets paid to play footy? He’s got the second most missed tackles in the whole NRL. Right behind Maloney. Just last week in round 10 against the Rooster he missed NINE tackles! NINE f**kING TACKLES!’

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