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  • My kids THREE favourite Wests Tigers players are: Kevvie [hair], Woodsy [beard], Teddy [nickname]! How can I keep them interested in the Wests tigers when they leave? When Benji and Robbie left I managed to convince them with an argument along the lines of… ‘Well, Benji and Robbie are old and slow and the Wests Tigers only want the fastest and the strongest players’. What do I tell my kids about Woodsy and Teddy leaving?

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    Players come and go…The Club and it’s fans remain…

    Well maybe not for much longer so it won’t matter either way…

  • Tell them both Teddy & Woods play for NSW… No one likes NSW!

  • Teddy and Woodsy didn’t think we were good enough so they went to the chickens and the dogs. We know better, don’t we?

  • the tigers will be better next year without them

  • with the new team there getting

  • Probably should teach your kids not to get attached to players, as hard as that can be. Unfortunately, players come and go. The only thing that is a constant are the jersey’s and the supporters.

  • Beat them into submission , Tell them if they choose to follow another team they can go live at nans .

  • Show them some old footage of past Wests and Tigers games.
    When they ask you who are they just say players which wanted to play for these foundation clubs and that they gave their all …… for their club colours.
    Players come and go but clubs remain for the fans.

  • The truth or close to it. Something like, the two bearded ones did not want to play with the high haired one and his teammates.

  • They went to other clubs for more money.

  • Mate - I have 6 kids and it’s really simple. No food for a week unless they support the Tigers and show some passion. My 1 yo has had a habit of falling asleep when we are playing but I think he is getting the hang of the consequences now. DOCS game over once. Morons.

  • Tell them in life when times are tough some people will abandon their mates and jump like rats from a sinking ship. These sort of people deserve no respect and hopefully have no success come their way. Karma if you will.
    The staunch ones that hang tough during the black days are the ones who deserve respect and hopefully success.

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    Why would you want to keep them interested? Allow them to make their own minds up. If they need to be told how to think, get them ready for careers at Macca’s.

  • Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are all Tigers supporters

    Brussels Sprouts growers support other teams.

    Mathematics was invented by a Manly supporter

    Bed time was invented by a Penrith supporter

    You get the point - make it work :slight_smile:

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