Haves playing both sides

  • Noticed that Brooks and Lolo (to a lesser degree) played both sides today. Great to watch.

    Gee we looked better with halves passing to halves rather than using the Bulldogs style of big link men.

  • The attack looked decent today, the ball was thrown around and sticking (which is a plus), but we were trying different things out there, but not much in the way of low percentage plays.

    Would have been more of a blow out had we not bombed those 2 first half tries, but I guess that’s a plus in itself, we didn’t go into our shell because of those missed opportunities and didn’t do anything stupid to make up for them.

  • I agree, in a very long time our halves looked threatening…

    Even more pleasing was the win

  • That’s because we played against Newcastle

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    knew it would come…no surprises…from who…

    Forwards gave them plenty of options…

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    Brooks needed to stand up and he did. High work rate with some quality touches. Even saved a try.
    My MOM today.

  • Brooks was good. Looked like his game had matured and he seemed confident within himself

  • @:

    That’s because we played against Newcastle

    Just enjoy the win.
    bath boy

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    Ivan plays a more traditional halfback and 5/8 setup rather then the modern day left and right. Luke is basically the left half and Lolo the right but you will see when we do the big shift to our left that Lolo had moved across outside Luke, something right halves in other teams dont do. I like the set up.

  • Brooks was great today. Granted the opposition but if our forwards aim up like that against better sides he’ll fare better more often than not.

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