I thought Sue was awesome off the bench today.

He’s been ordinary most of the year but I think a lot of that is down to him being turned into an edge backrower and playing more minutes than he should.

He had a good combination with Twal off the bench and I think if he can give us 30-35 minutes of that quality every week he’ll be a perfect bench prop.

A couple of good runs today. Unfortunately thats the highlight of his year, and im confident enough to say he wont back that up.

His best game this year.
I hope it’s what we can look forward from him from now on.

Bench is his spot…

Would help solve a puzzle piece if he can continue with that…

It was his best game of the year. It was still pretty average.

Big improvement on recent performances - good onya Jesse.

Needed to be better and was.

That’s the most aggression I have seen from him for a long time, hope he keeps it up next year.


It was his best game of the year. It was still pretty average.

I disagree, I thought Sue was really strong today, surprised me. Even his defence, which is usually where he struggles, he made some really strong hits amd giod cover. A few of his hits caused Titans real trouble, one forced a loose carry.

Whatever Cleary did for Sue’s game today, I hope it continues.

Amazing what competition for your spot will do

Playing as an impact middle fwd off the bench is his best role.

He looked like an angry man today.

Good for Jesse. A much malligned player.

Played really well, Good to see.

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