Only seen so far in tonites Dogs Broncos game so far, the commenattors mentioned it and it was very noticeable at times, the markers have seem to be given a lot more latitude….not sure if its just inept big nose Maxwell, or if it will be an interpretation across the board…will watch the next game closely.
In one case Ennis was that far not square he was one side, the dummy half went the other side and ennis skirting the player playing the ball was still able to grab him.
Its not going to do us or Robbie any favours if in fact it is comp wide and not just this game

Seemed similar in the 2nd game, markers offside often, also players running behind their own were an auto penalty the first 6 weeks, thats changed too it seems…along with the adv rule…one dominant ref seems bettertheyve put nthe whistle away somewhat it seems better too, but maybe not for us & robbie

Yeah I assumed it had been just Maxwell. He gave the Dogs similar lattitude last week.

Didn’t watch the second game to make comparisson

It’s no wonder the players and spectators get confused when referees don’t apply the rules as per the rule book. “The marker(s) must be directly in front of the player playing the ball.” You often see the second marker with his hand on the back of the first marker but his body about a metre to either side. I would blow a penalty as soon as the ball is played. Players soon get the message and it makes for a better flowing game. I would also like to see the first marker being able to strike for the ball again. This would ensure the ball is played properly rather than throwing it between the legs.

Ive always been of the belief they’ll do anything to deter d/h running

You are right there Inko. If we get back to playing to the rulebook instead of each ref’s different interpretation the game will be a lot better off. Another part of the game which is irksome to me is the ref’s telling players to get back on-side or how to pack a scrum etc. He is a referee and not a coach. Let them go and penalize them as soon as the ball is played.


Ive always been of the belief they’ll do anything to deter d/h running

I hate most dummy halve running as much as most people. However for a player like Farah that is creating something with his runs he has to be given the opportunity to do so. Most rugby league fans like watching top dummy halve running. If it appears that the rules have changed we should question it through the media; something like new interpretation blunts Farah’s brilliance.

Thats right SCT…d/h running for the sake of it is pretty ho hum,but when we do it good theres others in support and we get a great roll on…its great footy imo.
Poor robbie the last few years has been not rewarded when he shouldve been just because the NRL are of the opinion one facet of the game doesnt suit their TV product

And yet we still got pinged for a marker being caught in no mans land - he was actually where all 2nd markers stand just that the first marker didn’t get up in time for the play the ball - too many decisions in the ruck still depend on which ref u get.

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