5th Tackle Options

One thing really bothers me about the predictability of rugby league: after the 5th tackle comes the inevitable kick (running on the 6th is far less common). That’s ok because a territory play or a hail mary should be exploited with the last throw of the dice…
but why isn’t the 5th (not 6th) tackle treated as the last chance to properly run the ball? i.e. as a play for nothing?

I get that standard hit-ups are required to get on front foot early on in the tackle count, but I don’t get the point behind taking a boring hit-up on the 5th. It is just so frustrating. Is it the player being a hog? or the halfback not setting anything up? or no play being called? no imagination? why why why?!!

Due to the introduction of the 7 tackle rule.

Don’t see many boring last minute hit ups unless they lose count I guess… It’s not like there’s an epideminc of this one

I find the 4th tackle (which is the 2nd last opportunity) serves as a foundation for a set-kick - the forward will straighten up the ruck, attracting 2,3,4 players, look for the quick play-the-ball allowing the DH to get the ball to a half quickly who will then bomb or grubber to the opportune area. If executed well then there will most likely be an overlap or a 3 on 2, 2 on 1 because that last play has drawn the defence forcing them to slide in one direction. However Tigers aren’t very good at executing this because most the time the kicks are poor or they make a wrong decision.

I rarely see any player just run for a hit-up on the last, at the very minimum they go for the glory run or pass.

insane and kh_canada -
I see players just run for a hit-up on the 5th tackle all the time. Tigers do it habitually and it is infuriating. Even though I despise him, Woods will rarely take the ball on the 5th due it being redundant. Those most prone to these hog plays are the uninspiring players or rookies: like Lawrence and now this Eisenhuth. They often get the ball on the 5th and just take the tackle. Dumb.

The 5th tackle cannot be a hit-up style play. Unless looking for a field goal or really seriously engineered kick play then taking the ball just to go to ground is inexcusable!
BTW - I also blame the halfback for giving it to them in the first place.

Others who always did this were Nick Graham (he was terrible!!), Matt Prior, Jason Clark, Lewis Brown. Watch them - they look for the pill on the 5th and then they just go to ground. ARG! Even Boyd Cordner - love the guy but if he gets it on the 5th he just won’t pass.

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