Des Hasler to leave the Bulldogs

I was recalling a thread (that I could not find today to reference) where some fans were complaining why Tigers always copped such bad press - “basketcase” and the like.

It was noted that as fans, we probably notice the Tigers negative press more than for other clubs, but also whilst your team is at the bottom, pundits are happy to put the boot in.

Daily Telecrap particularly seemed to enjoy their anti-Tigers agenda, even well into Cleary’s tenure and stabilising of 2017-2018 strategy.

Fast-forward a few months and most commentators can see improvement in the Tigers - metres gained up, completions up, errors down, margin of losses cut. Basically more competitive across the park, not 80 mins most weeks, but better and with an optimistic tinge to the current young roster and signings into 2018.

Along with this: a real lack of slander from the papers, especially the DT. Buzz has temporarily run out of throwaway drunkard commentary, James Pooper either has nothing more to say or has lost his inside news source… there were a couple of articles on fan sites and one bit of paper rubbish from Paul Crawley. So basically if you improve and your future starts looking better, the media tends to back off.

Compare now with Bulldogs, under the microscope weekly if not daily, the ravens and vultures enjoying very much picking at the club’s issues. Apart from the obvious Des Hasler stuff, question marks on Ray Dib’s authority, Raylene’s exit, the story about Klemmer wanting out, Keiran Foran commenting on potential of Hasler being removed, James Graham’s impassioned plea for patience on Fox the other week.

BUT try as the Dogs might to mitigate the fall-out, it’s too easy for muck institutions like DT. Epitomised today by the attempted association of yesterday’s terror suspect with support for the Bulldogs.

Quite rightly, many commentators are up in arms and the Bulldogs are filthy, as are their supporters. But evidence that it’s not just the Tigers, it’s the struggling clubs that get picked to pieces. The only real way to clear up your media image, your coverage, is to get your home in order.

Big difference is that Des has mates on the inside fighting his battle for him, no one at the Tigers had that.

You’d think Paul Kent was Des’ father with the way he goes in to bat for him in the media.

Just on that terror suspect though, that was really poor, but unsurprising nonetheless, of the Tele to put that photo up. The Bulldogs are already associated with unfair stereotypes due to a very small section of their supporters. They had every right to be filthy about that photo of old mate in their jersey.

It would seem that negative press rates a lot higher than positive press. It also seem that the media do not care how you achieve your success but are scathing on the clubs that don’t achieve success. Although Newcastle seem to have had a dream run with the media and although they are at the bottom of the heap they still seem to attract positive press.

I have said before the Sydney NRL press has been at odds with the Tigers going right back to the Sheens days and Cleary gives me the impression he barely tolerates most of the media so I think the DT and other media outlets will be back sooner than latter with their poison pens

The heat is ALWAYS on us, just the temperature varies.

I’m surprised with our only 5th Tackle option being the Bomb of late…they weren’t linked to us…

I notice Rothfield is now singing the Eels praises. They are the future of the NRL it seems. Last year they were the embarrassment of the NRL. Things can change quickly.

yeah some great “journalism” there eh? surely where he shops, buys groceries etc is equally as important.

Maybe they can track down who he has voted for in the past and give that a crack?

Wow I didn’t see that. Don’t really care about the Bulldogs and we’ve copped our fair share of negative press, but this is next level, disgusting.


I notice Rothfield is now singing the Eels praises. They are the future of the NRL it seems. Last year they were the embarrassment of the NRL. Things can change quickly.

The Eels chairman must have posted the Dan Murphy’s vouchers on time the last five months.


Although Newcastle seem to have had a dream run with the media and although they are at the bottom of the heap they still seem to attract positive press.

I was thinking about Newcastle actually when I posted. It seems to me that they are struggling so badly for such a long period that people feel sorry for them and leave them alone.

I think it’s also a Sydney rivalry thing, nobody guns for the Broncos, rarely do they go after Melbourne, Knights and Raiders seem to fair fairly well, it seems to be mostly Sydney teams attacked by Sydney papers. Exception for me is Warriors, people seem pretty happy to throw stones at Auckland.

Glad they are temporarily leaving us alone, but I get no pleasure of them attacking the Dogs either. There are massive, massive issues in this game that are detracting from it and sending it backwards, but instead of doing “real” journalism and chasing facts, they prefer to be social media trolls. The Telegraph hasn’t had credibility for years.

I thought it was funny because I hate the dogs but it’s atrocious journalism. That paper is just a mess and I don’t know why anyone reads it.

I think the attention comes on us because we are a proud club made up of two well supported foundation clubs who have a support base that is very loyal and wants results. I go to my grave supporting this club as its been to long to start thinking about another club now so i get excited about a move up the table and being able to go to some live games and have an expectation of wins next year.
Popularity is proven by a team coming second last being on TV so much. Go you good things

Buzz had another of his semi regular NRL in crisis stories today, with a pseudo-interview with Greenberg. Had to laugh when he listed ‘negative media coverage’ as one of the reasons the sport was apparently struggling, especially on the day they threw a doggies jersey on the front page for a terrorism story.

Worst piece of journalism I have ever seen. If I’m the bulldogs im talking to my lawyers about sueing the DT for tarnishing their brand. I go to every tigers vs bulldogs game, and it’s been years since I can remember there being any trouble. What a disgraceful newspaper

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