James Tedesco makes a little kid cry - Good Story

Young fan left in tears after meeting his NRL hero James Tedesco

August 7, 2017 10:05am
by Fatima Kdouh
Source: The Daily Telegraph

THIS is the heartwarming story of a young NRL fan, a footy star and his shiny pink boots.

The Tigers may have lost to the Panthers on Sunday afternoon but the emotional reaction from a small fan after meeting his idol, fullback James Tedesco, has won the hearts of league lovers all over.

For Tigers fanatic Ashton, just meeting his hero Tedesco would have been enough to make his dreams come true.

But a generous gesture from the star fullback gave this little supporter a day out at the footy he won’t soon forget.

After posing for photos, the Blues number one handed over a pair of personalised pink football boots to Ashton.

The encounter left young Ashton in tears, who was overwhelmed by experience.

Tedesco’s boots have become Ashton’s most prized possession, even taking them to bed with him.

His family took to social media to thank Tedesco for his kindness and express their gratitude.

“Our little man’s face was priceless, the reaction from him and everyone in the moment was all but amazing. Thank you James Tedesco for making my little man’s dreams come true”.


Please don’t make up crap in future…

Change the post tile… v unfair

I’m just trying to make sure it fits the narrative.

The bloke is a flog. I dont care if he gives 100 pairs of boots away.


The bloke is a flog. I dont care if he gives 100 pairs of boots away.

I can’t stand the guy.

He can afford to give away as much clothing as he likes seeing as how his clothes will be paid for for the next 4 years.

Ahhh normality has resumed on WTF. Flog the bloke leaving. Seriously, Tedesco would needs hundreds of pairs of boots to give to the kids on here.

That kid probably knows full well his WT idle is leaving as seasons end and still cries over the gesture. Maybe everyone on here needs to read the lines before reading between them.

The title says NRL hero, not Tigers hero. Hmmmm
This is just a fluff piece quite possibly put together by the Roosters camp or Isaac Moses to put him in a positive light.

We know Isaac Moses was pulling all sorts of strings through the media during the contract negotiations through Hooper and those clowns so nothing would surprise me.

I’m glad the kid is happy though. I’m just naturally suspicious when it comes to those media outlets.

Fair dinkum some of you blokes need a tune up…so what if you hate and despise Teddy and what he is doing with his future…he has made a little mans life so much more enjoyable…geez this is what rugby league is about …not an adult hate fest…I don’t care that Tedesco is leaving the Tigers,however he has kept the rugby league light burning for our younger fans and possibly hopefuls for the future…

Well done James your gesture has made a boy very,very happy…

It’s funny to see all of the people who still haven’t gotten over the whole Tedesco saga. Some people make him sound worse than Satan.

Good on him. Importantly he made a young kid happy, also a positive report in the paper about the game, the club and teddy.

All of which can do with positive press.


It’s funny to see all of the people who still haven’t gotten over the whole Tedesco saga. Some people make him sound worse than Satan.

I don’t care he is leaving. Money talks and he took it.
I don’t begrudge that for a second.
I just hate his manager and his slimy cohorts in the media.
Just look at the authors name for a start. She probably doesn’t know the first thing about football or even watch it.

It’s a fluff piece put in place for positive publicity.

Great move for the tedesco brand

Why does he need positive publicity?

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