I cryed with 3 mins to go for the tigers to win

Dont care if this thread gets taken off but i wanna let everyone know i love the wests tigers and was balling my eyes out for the tigers to win. My mum thought i was gonna have a heart attack. I love the wests tigers so much!!! And have never been this happy in my life

Mate, I wasn’t far behind you.

Love our team.

i have been through many emotional rolla-coasters when it comes to the tigers

My family suffers each time

Was teary eyed mate… happy to see them win! They have been trying trying and trying.

Anyone on this forum that reads this message we are all won and their is a unconditional love for all of you go the mighty tigers!!!

Good on you tigerfanatic. I just screamed at the tv again. Sore throat now.

Despite the squabbles we are all proud of that win. UTWT.

I wasn’t crying i was watching the clock, never thought i would be so worried about 1 second

Game management Cam Smith would not have left 1 second lol


Good on you tigerfanatic. I just screamed at the tv again. Sore throat now.

My dog was looking like he wanted make a run for it.

I got blown up by the missus for hooting and hollering at the tv.

Didn’t think much of it till I put the bin out the front for Monday and the neighbour was doing the same - and he says to me “So, the Tigers got up, eh?” With a wry smile.

And yes there may have been someone in my vicinity cutting onions when MDubbayaZ went over.

Good on you mate…Wins like that are what following the Wests Tigers is all about…

Had a lump in my throat when they showed everyone celebrating on the hill.

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