One of our best wins?

We need to celebrate and continue to enjoy this win tonite and for the rest of the week.
Its been a long tough year.

It may not have been the most clinical victory, but it was gutsy and inspiring…we lost a player early, we seemed to get little joy from the refs penaltys wise for most of the game, & for about a quarter of the game we lost our way

Time to cast our minds back and dig up the rare sweet come from behind wins like this one…today has to be up there with one of our best wins, especially considering the opposition, where theyre placed on the ladder and the dent it puts in their top 4 hopes

Fire away

Mate - that was one of the best wins we’ve had in a long time. At Leichhardt and up against it we played with heart.

It was great. I want to give ET a wrap as well. I didn’t think he was going to cut it on the edge but I thought he was great.

The crowd looked bloody spirited on TV! I loved it. Definitely think it’s one of our best comebacks ever. Hard to say if it’s the best game considering a chunk of it was woeful, but, it’s good for the boys to know even 3 tries down they can still win.

Was a great win we really fought our way back into the game. Previously we would have put our heads down at half time but today we really put in when the chips were down.

When was the last time we won inside the last 5 minutes?

Enjoy the week everyone

This win was pretty good!

My favorite win is still this game:

I was at the game and Nofoaluma scored the match-winner in the corner. The hill went mental. It was absolutely pouring and it was a great win.

It was glorious on the hill!!

Played with passion and spirit in that second half

we Haven’t lost a game at Leichhardt when i have taken my mate. I guess talking he insured we would get the win. :roll

We’ve had a few candidates over the last 12 months. Last year against the Cowboys at Leichhardt was pretty special. Also beating Souths off a short turnaround after getting beat by the Raiders by 60 was pretty gustsy too. As was the Cowboys earlier in the year. Today was reward for the effort that has been put in over the last 6-8 weeks. We’re heading in the right direction.

Good win! Off the bottom of the table.

Second half was strong.

It was a fantastic win and I hope that most now are having more faith in the bus driver….he is on the right track…we will be a force to reckon with next year,and teams won’t take us lightly…

It was a good win because Manly were there to win. We started well but by half time, they were in almost complete control. We started the comeback and they smacked us again. Their defence kept turning up. It was also great theatre with the finish and the crowd reaction.

As far as our best win…nah we were poo for at least half an hour. As far as comeback wins, yes its up there with the Newcastle game featuring Joey and the Warriors game in NZ when Benji ran riot. It was fun to experience.

In the context of our season you can’t overstate how massive that was.

Yep it was a beauty - maybe almost as good as the comeback against the Warriors.
Would have loved to have been at the ‘old girl’ sitting there on the hill. Glad so many of you guys turned up to support the team in a terrific win.
Well done to the team and all the Wests Tigers tragics. Wins like this make it all worthwhile.

I thought they were going to take that last one off us for obstruction

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