Audio Clip - (Marshall Return, Team Performances, 2018 Preview)

Hi All,

Have not done one of the for 5-6 weeks so put together a 20 minute podcast talking all things Tigers.

Mainly talking about my thoughts on Benji’s return and all it goes with it. Do I see it as a positive or negative and how I think it might play out.

Plus some talks bout our team and individual performances over the last 6 weeks Including discussion on Brooks, Lolihea and some of our younger players. Also the influence of Ivan Cleary.

Finally a look ahead to next season. Some of the concerns I have as well as some of the positives.

Is a bit long so apologies about that.

Thanks Eddie, finally got a chance to have a listen. Definitely a lot to look forward to esp if we keep up this effort!

Thanks mate good overview of what a lot of us are thinking, been a few years of disappointment but we are looking more organised in what we are doing with our team and Ivan is smart buying quality backup players who can compete for positions

Been way too long. Entertaining listen as always, thanks Eddie

That was great Eddie, it was good to hear some measured views.

I’ll keep an eye out for your next one.

Thanks Eddie, liked your assessment.

I’ll listen when I’m tiling our bathroom later today, thanks again.

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