Speed is a massive worry for us next year.

In our backline, we don’t have any real speedsters out there and esp with someone like Noffa who turns like a truck, we need speed not just in attack but in defense too.

I’m hoping Fonua or Milne can rectify that, otherwise unlimited sprtint training for Noffa, Lolo, MWZ, Suli etc.

I commented in another post about this. I agree 100%

Still room in the cap, we should be looking to increase depth in the outside back/fullback & players with pace should be a priority.

I would still like Gela-Moseby, but the fact that he can’t get picked in an injury ravaged cowboys side is a concern.

I wouldnt be too worried about Loloheas speed, its a bit of a myth that he is slow that I think stems from his odd body type, and I wouldnt swap a yard of pace for the step nor power he runs with.

Im not sure why Suli is on there either he is moderately quick while still a very powerful runner. I dont buy into centres having to be lightning quick anyway. The best centres are powerful, elusive , and able to release a winger. Matai, Leilua, even Fergo arent noted speedsters.

In the wings we are a bit slow though, but we could adopt a power game instead with fonua and nofo on the edges, and Suli and marsters inside them

It’s not just speed. We need some quality players in our team. Players like Latrell Mitchell can turn a game.

'The Warriors record several times as part of their training, with a focus on 10 and 30 metre sprints.

What will shock you is that two of the three fastest players over 10 metres are forwards.

Ken Maumalo is the only back who features on the short list, with Sam Lisone and Pat Sipley recording the fastest times over 10, although we haven’t been given their times.

Over 30 metres, the backline comes into play, with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Tui Lolohea, Shaun Johnson and Holden Cup winger Lewis Soosemea the quickest.’


Brooks is no slouch and apparently Liddle is a bit of a speed demon.

Speaking of speed JAC extended with the Storm till 2021….I can’t believe we let this guy go??


Speaking of speed JAC extended with the Storm till 2021….I can’t believe we let this guy go??

We didn’t.

Roosters played 2 backrowers in the centres and they still looked more dangerous than us. MWZ Nof Naiqama and Masters all lack speed.


Speaking of speed JAC extended with the Storm till 2021….I can’t believe we let this guy go??

Yeah miss him. And Marty.

Love the way Masters has come on this year but tonight showed his days out wide are numbered and he got easily beat on the outside.

Is Roberts still available?

Once Teddy goes, we lack anyone with real speed. I hope that the problem is being addressed and we have kept some money to buy someone who is going to provide some,

There were a few backline speedsters on the market …but for some reason ivan overlooked them…i have real concerns for our backline…with turdesco gone theres no class player…have massive concerns about nofoaluma…he continues to cost us games and will next season…any who thinks we didnt need Rona was bonkers


Morris boys?

I don’t think two 32 year olds looking for a retirement pay packet is the answer.

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