Where's our next 7

It looks to me that next season we probably will have 4 five eighths and still not one halfback of substance.
Brooks Reynolds Marshall and by what I’ve heard Gamble is a 6 as well. Who’s going to step up?

Brooks is a 7. Benji could play there as well if Brooks is injured.

Ironically, probably Benji. Despite the fact trying to turn him into a 7/depriving him an organising partner more or less ruined him.

Reynolds in the hooker rotation for mine.

Modern day 6 and 7 can swap seamlessly

Im not worried who is wearing what number as long as they can do a good job at organising the team

He’s currently playing for the Panthers.

Hopefully our next 7 is gaining experience at the foot of the mountains.

I think the optimism on this forum about Nathan Cleary becoming a Tiger one day is great. But i just can’t see it happening. I think father/son as coach/player in same club would be really hard and I can’t see either Ivsn or Nathan wanting to be part of it. Sorry, I hope I’m wrong but don’t think it will happen


He’s currently playing for the Panthers.

Tyrone May… 😕

Storm seem to have 2 or 3 spares.

I’ve been impressed by our recruitment, but Brooks is not a player who can lead us to Semi Final football. He is the worst 7 in the nrl. His kicking game is woeful,his defensive reads are poor,he even makes the simple things look hard. I was dying for this kid to be our savior,but after 4 seasons it’s clear,he’s not up to it. I think this is why Cleary has signed Benji, Brooks position has never been under threat

I have no idea but it’s a position that will make or break us and we can’t afford to wait for Brooks to turn in into the player he was hoped to be, it’s just not happening and hopefully the powers that be have recognised this as many fans are beginning to and make the right decision quickly for the club and find a no 7 because unfortunately Brooks isn’t it…
It’s a tough decision but it really needs to be made and made quickly, I know we’ve got a lot invested in Luke but I think it’s time we cut our losses.

Brooks may be a nice young bloke, love the club and stay out of trouble, but he made his debut in 2013, played 80 odd games, he hasn’t got it. I am so over all the excuses being made for him, he is young, just be patient, next year, well he has had 4 next years and no cigar, any other club would have punted him 2 years ago.

I put that second forward pass squarely on Brooks. Yes McIlwrick threw it, but Brooks put him in that position. Brooks is supposed to be thinking WT through the game and leading. I can’t see it.

Personally I think Brooks was good last night and the last 6-8 weeks since the Knights game at least he has been a good NRL halfback and you can see the impact Ivan has had. I think he will have a great year next year. Talk about bias blaming a bloke for recieving a forward pass jesus



He’s currently playing for the Panthers.

Tyrone May… 😕

Jarome Luai… ?

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