Raiders fan ejected for spitting at NRL referee

A Canberra fan was ejected from GIO Stadium for allegedly spitting at NRL referee Ashley Klein at halftime of Sunday’s NRL home defeat by Penrith

The patron was kicked out of the arena after leaning over the railing and appearing to spit toward Klein as he headed into the tunnel, escorted by a security man, while angry fans vented frustration at on-field officiating.

Canberra confirmed further action would be considered, with the fan’s details taken by stadium security.

Raiders coach Ricky Stuart said spitting at a referee would warrant further punishment.

“It’s not on. They (referees) do a tough job. It’s unacceptable and definitely should be punished. I didn’t know that - that’s news to me,” Stuart said after the match.

"They’ve got a tough gig. We’ve all got tough gigs though, but that is unacceptable.

“If it happened to a coach, if it happened to a player, and that’s how we do accept the referees - they’re as important as a coach or a player.”

Definitely not on. As frustrating as refs can be, realistically, they have an extremely tough job and are humans like all of us.

What a loser. Ban him for life.


Filthy maggot

Klein ain’t that bad 😉

Give them a boo and a jeer but who spits at someone? Disgusting

Was it Ricky Stuart?

Klein deserves this most weeks, that said - its unacceptable

Theyre pretty feral down there….I remember years ago same thing happened to Michael Monaghan, or some player who had signed with another club for the following year… who was with his family leaving the ground after a game

The Viking clap is the biggest load of crap.


The Viking clap is the biggest load of crap.

It’s the Fyshwick clap you got to worry about.

Its just a low act

Chicken Faced Killa summed it up well

Didn’t ricky slap a ref in the face once?


Didn’t ricky slap a ref in the face once?

Sorry, just abuse which lead to his sacking as Aus coach.

So this guy better take a good hard look at himself if Ricky can claim moral superiority on this one!

Which ref did our fan tackle at Campbelltown?


Which ref did our fan tackle at Campbelltown?

Horsehead Maxwell

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