Lazzo at fullback: NO NO NO NO NO!
Ryan on the wing: NO NO NO NO NO!
Fitzy at halfback: NO NO NO NO NO!
Bryce Gibbs: NO NO NO NO NO!
Complete reliance on Tuqiri making a break: NO NO NO NO NO!

Tim Sheens:
<big>YOU ARE WRONG!</big>

We need Lui back, Sheens doesn’t have faith in Lazo at halfback, so we need Lui there to play that role. Even if Lui isn’t the best halfback in the world, we are better off with him at halfback, and Ryan at fullback, than Fitzhenry at halfback and Lazarus at fullback.

Jake could be the “PEG” the Tigers need !

argh it’s just so painstakingly obvious!!!

  • Beau ryan makes more meters in one kick-return at fullback than Lazzo has made in two weeks!!!
  • the right hand defence is as brittle as crepe-paper
  • we miss Moltzen BIG TIME

Have we lost a game when Mitch Borwn has started and Fitzy left on the bench?

I’m gobsmacked at what i saw tonight. Why the heck Sheens did what he did i have no idea. I kind of agree that Sheens clearly doesn’t believe Lazerus is ready yet, perhaps this time next year. Unless Lui breaks down again i can’t see Blake getting another go this year….only because Sheens has shown little faith in him.

The amount of positional changes was ridiculous though. It’s not why we lost, the drop ball and penalties(first half) had a larger impact on that.

For all that NO NO NO though it’s a YEH YEH YEH to Hino! Great game!..Oh, other than losing his balance, thus creating a hole for Jennings to score through.

At least its not late in the season and we are going thru this crap, hopefully a fully fit Taumata or lui can form a combination with Marshall in the coming 6 to 8 weeks to see us ok in the run up to the finals, One thing that excited me was the sight of big Fifita making a tackle bust hes a real gun for the future, I know we played like crap tonight but we only lost by 8 to a red hot Panthers team, just hope Sheens stops this shuffling around ASAP, can anyone imagine one of the top teams having Fitzy at halfback cmon sheensy pull your head in.


For all that NO NO NO though it’s a YEH YEH YEH to Hino! Great game!….Oh, other than losing his balance, thus creating a hole for Jennings to score through.

That was a good step by Jennings.

It wasn’t that bad - get over it!

too many positional changes. if lazarus is good enough to get picked then leave him at halfback to let him learn and give him a proper go. moving around all these guys confuses the team…

too much dropped ball, gave panthers alot of possession.
won’t be long before the other teams refer to wests-tigers as a " deck of cards" as they always getting shuffled around.
yes frustration is speaking, the problem area is the halves, don’t change other players around to accommodate that.

I actually thought it was a pretty good standard contest for a while there. Playing them at full strength out there is always difficult. Only individual dropped balls killed us, simple errors. Very important to jag a win net week heading into the bye. Get a few players healthy and back in their rightful positions.

I think we miss Tuiaki atm 😦 him on the left with Lawrence, shift Tuqiri on the right with Asyhford would sure up the right defence. Ryan IMO no.1 thats the end of that… if Lui isn’t ok Taumata… if ok needs to play but if Lui avaliable then no.7 for him.

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