Golden Wattle Flag

I got mine today! It’s beautiful!

Full disclosure, I’m an indifferent monarchist and love our current flag, but this design is stunning and so well thought out, something that isn’t tacky and can be embraced by all.

Check it out:

Great Idea and colour scheme. I just don’t like the actual design. Think they could have done a better job with it. Maybe it will go on me.
Even if the circles were a bit closer foaming an actual star.
I guess they haven’t got the WTs jumpers right after all these years. The simpler the better.

I’m with Tigerdon. I like the concept but the design isn’t quite right.

I really like it and if our flag was to change I’d be happy with that one. Better than any I’ve seen so far. But if it’s this hard to get gays to have the right to marry , how hard is it going to be change the flag. I don’t think I will see it in my lifetime.

I’m admittedly a republican, I quite like that.

I like the symbolism.

Visually I like the Canadian flag best. This is a step in that direction.

Interesting concept.

Needs a plebiscite…It’s a NO from me…


Needs a plebiscite…It’s a NO from me…

Is the flag design constitutionally protected? If so you’ll need a referendum.


Future states?

Might be one less with the way the WA Libs are prattling on.

It’s nicely differentiated from all the other stuff I’ve seen with Kangaroos and stripes and colours. I’d be happy enough.

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