Another Moses headline

Do not pay for a Telegraph subscription, so can’t post full details of the article, but I see Mitchell has made another effort to get his mug in the paper.

Apparently the Tigers exit ripped his heart out and he has slammed Cleary over his departure, saying suggestions he failed to give his best in his final matches left him filthy.

I wish Mitch would just crawl into a hole. He should watch a replay of his last few games here, he either was not putting in, or suddenly became an absolutely crap footballer that miraculously improved once he got his way.

I dont subscribe but somehow when I type the headline in google, the article appears in the search and I click on it through there. Maybe give that a try. I think it might work for me cause I live in the US.


Michael Carayanis, The Sunday Telegraph
September 23, 2017 3:08pm
Subscriber only

MITCHELL Moses says his exit from the Tigers “ripped his heart out” and suggestions he failed to put his best effort into his final matches at the club left the playmaker “pretty filthy’.

Moses has no regrets about his successful mid-season switch to Parramatta, particularly after playing finals football for the first time.

But his departure from the Tigers remains a sore point.

In a wideranging interview, Moses speaks openly about being forced out of the Tigers, the words from former coach Ivan Cleary which left him stung and how he found a home at Parramatta before their disappointing final performance.

Moses was hurt by Ivan Cleary criticism of his final days at the club.

Moses says he had every intention to commit long-term to the club. But that all changed upon Cleary taking charge.

“I never wanted to leave the Tigers,” Moses said. “I loved that club so much. They gave me a chance and my shot at first grade. I can’t thank them enough for that but they pulled my deal off the table.

“I always wanted to stay at the Tigers. When Ivan came to the club, he was there for a couple of days and I sat down with him and (football manager) Kelly Egan and in a meeting they pulled my deal off the table.

“It was heartbreaking. It ripped my heart out what they did.
“I didn’t see a point in staying there if they didn’t see a future with me after they pulled my deal.

“If someone comes into your work and says ‘look we don’t need you any more’, you’re not going to feel welcomed.”

After releasing Moses, Cleary said his final “two performances and general demeanour suggested he just wasn’t happy” while he told The Daily Telegraph last month that Moses had “put the tools down and bailed”.

Moses said Cleary’s comments hurt.

“Ivan came out and said I wasn’t putting in for two or three games,” Moses said. “You can’t put the (results) down to one player. That’s what hurt me the most. I have a lot of respect for Ivan but for him to come out and say that I was pretty filthy.

“If you look back on all those games I was touching the ball a lot more than I was touching the ball at Parramatta. It’s not like I wasn’t trying. I think he was looking for an excuse.

“It was a massive five weeks for me. It really drained me mentally. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.”

Moses, who tested his bike riding skills when he filled in as a Deliveroo to drop off a food order to a surprised fan on Friday, knew he wanted to return to his junior club after a frank conversation with coach Brad Arthur.

“From the conversion I had with Brad I knew he wanted me straight away,” Moses said. “When you have a coach sit down with you and tell you that they have no room and are going to pull my deal off the table then I’m definitely not wanted there.

“When I sat down with Brad and let him know what happened, he wanted me straight away. That’s all I needed to see and hear.”

The Eels No.7 jersey has long been problematic. But despite playing the bulk of his NRL career at five-eighth, Moses said he was comfortable with his new role.

“I felt like I was always a seven,” Moses said. “I like directing the team around. Normy (Corey Norman) makes me feel welcomed. Normy was a big reason why I came to the club. I had two sessions to (learn a whole new style of play). It felt like I was coming into first grade again.”

“We hadn’t played like that all year,” Moses said. “That was the hardest thing (to take). “The boys sat around and I don’t think anyone said anything for about an hour before everyone realised what actually happened. No one could believe it.

“I was going around asking the boys and no one had an answer. It wasn’t us. That’s what everyone was filthy on.

“We caught up after the game and had a few drinks. You could tell by the vibe. You may have been having a drink and hanging out with your mates but it just wasn’t the same.

“We didn’t want to be knocked out. We didn’t plan on it. We felt comfortable in the footy that we were playing that we could make it to the grand final and give it a shot. Everyone was gutted.”

If he loved the tigers so much, maybe he should have signed the deal in the 7 months it was on the table rather than focusing on the moment it was pulled.

Pretentious prat. 5000 articles trying to justify your petulant behaviour will not re-write history.


If he loved the tigers so much, maybe he should have signed the deal in the 7 months it was on the table rather than focusing on the moment it was pulled.

Pretentious prat. 5000 articles trying to justify your petulant behaviour will not re-write history.

Beat me to it. If he wanted to stay he should have signed while he had the chance.
And Ivan is completely right that Moses wasn’t putting in at the time, anyone could see that.

Tedesco will be next. Woods I’m not sure about considering how much he’s been humbled given where the Dogs currently sit. Though with his basic intellect, you can’t rule it out.

I hope I see him on his bike delivering food…

I don’t like wishing harm on others, but hope he attracts plenty of media attention next year for negative reasons.

Is this the same grub who ran all most no mtrs in one of those games , the side line to the middle of the field is about 20 Mtr , he worked harder getting on to the field , needs to dig a hole and jump in with his uncle Slime Bag Benny , thank god he is gone it made room for players to come to us and play for the club , 2018 can’t come quick enough so we can look at This grub and Woods sit lower than us on the table , after last night the Roosters may drop off again , hope so

When Cleary said on get on your bike, he seems to have taken it literally.

Keep telling yourself this crap Mitchell and even you may believe it yourself one day.

Wouldn’t trust Mitch as a delivery rider. He would look up a hill & decide this is too hard, and toss my meal in the nearest bin, or just eat it himself and then look for someone to blame.

Yeah, I don’t get the bike or delivering food references. Can anyone elaborate?

When someone spells the truth out many can not deal with it as Coach Cleary stated another one decided to put the tools down and BAILED! Moses is a very insecure man and yes Moses you were not WANTED the conga line of suck holes no longer exist at Concord .You will always be remembered as the player that tanked in games after you were treated so well by our club good riddance!

I didn’t think Mitchell had heart…certainly didn’t show it with us….if he did it was the size of a pea…

Wont be missed except when he has his odd good game in 10 …when the Club baggers lament why we let him go…good riddance I say…

Be the player your team mates want to play with has never rang truer when it comes to Mitchell…Great decision Ivan…

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