Mason Cerruto & Brenden Santi

  • Just noticed that both will be playing in this weeks state cup GF. Cerruto at fullback for penrith and Santi on the bench for the Roos.

    Goodluck to both. Keen to see how they go.

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    As well as Luke Sharpe, Eloni Vunakece for the Roos…

    Darren Nichols and Sitaleki Akouala for the Panthers…

  • I seem to remember Cerruto having big raps on him, but from memory it was always of the Mullaney/Gallant sort. Is that a fair description of his talent?
    Not a big surprise to see Santi still kicking around either, clubs will always have a spot for a player like him, especially with reduced interchange. Just didn’t quite have it in him to make top flight with any sort of regularity (or at all after us?)

  • Enjoyed the game

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