Bells Palsy

Last week I had an encounter with this affliction that leaves me with a severely irritated eye if I use the computer much, so for better or worse you guys and gals will be receiving far less rantings from this old stirrer. Give my regards to RF if you pass his way.

Hopefully I will recover soon, could take up to one year. Myself an family are just relieved that it was not a stroke. Still working flat out on other projects doing physical stuff. But can’t swim till my eye closes. Regards and thanks for the fun.****

Good luck. get better soon


Good luck. get better soon

thanks. My wife still loves and kisses me even though I look terrible so I am not complaining nor am depressed.

Keep your chin up BBF.
A work mate had it as well. He looked a bit weird at times but made a full recovery. Will take a bit of time but sure you’ll be fine. Good luck mate.

Yeh I have a mate going through it at the moment as well I’d never heard of it scary thing he told me the same as u can take up to a year to recover hope it’s a speedy process good luck

I have suffered the same affliction about 20 odd years ago. The left side of my face was completely paralysed and I couldn’t blink my eyelid. Trying to drink and eat was a nightmare. Doctor put me on a course of steroids and it eventually sorted itself out after a couple of months. It seems it can be caused by the same virus as chicken pox. The virus gets into the nerve ends and inflames them, or so that was the belief in those days. Good luck with it and get plenty of rest.

All the best Byron, come back and tell us how better things are down the track.

Goog luck with your recovery BBF i will certainly miss your music videos.Take care

All the best for a speedy recovery BBF

Well Mate, what can I say, going to miss your words of wisdom, only for awhile though.

My Mother and my nephew both suffered from BP and Mum came good after a short period, my nephew is still battling on, but living life to the full. I am sure you will have a complete recovery, good luck and we’ll hear from you soon I am sure.

Jeez it sounds bloody awful and frustrating to say the very least. Get on the mend soon Byron.

Good luck BBF. A friend of mine had this condition. He contracted it when he was 65. He took a while to recover but he’s all good now. Can you get the forum on audio instead of having to read it? In Ivan’s voice so it sounds more official. Stay strong, stay true.

Best of luck with your recovery. You’ve certainly made things a lot more interesting around here!

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