Rugby League New York Team

Should the emergence of RL teams in the states be a concern? Lots of cash at their disposal but they will have to operate under the T&Cs of the Super League but give them time they twill have a comp in however many years.

They have improved so much in the Rugby 7 ranks and are improving every year. They rank above Australia?

Not so many sports to chose from if they don’t make the NFL?

Rugby 7s is exciting wait till they jump onto RL.

Apparently the best 7s player in the world is a Yank too?

Will we end up losing players if it ever kicks off in the states?

Rugby 7s is a very different game.
It rewards raw speed and agility, that’s all that really matters. Tactics and decision making dont play a great part.

A lot of guys who are great 7s players don’t cut in Rugby League. Just look at Jesse Parahi and Charlie Taylor.

I think growing the game’s popularity in North America can only be a good thing.

It will take a number of years for the game to get any foothold in the states but this could be an interesting period for the game.

If the game can get a reasonable following in the US as an alternative sport it could only be good for the game as a whole.

Will we lose players? Maybe if they are chasing a new opportunity but it could also benefit the game across the world with additional exposure.

NRL 360 saying the New York team want Jarred Hayne as their first marquee signing

Jarryd Hayne should go…It’s his DREAM…

This would suit Jarryd’s ego perfectly he could be the face of the game in America.

Can we give Hayne a one way ticket?

Hayne Plane on New York consortium’s radar

Mon 16 Oct, 2017, 8:26am
John Davidson, AAP

An aspiring rugby league club in New York has set its sights on NRL superstar Jarryd Hayne as its first marquee signing ahead of a proposed 2019 launch.

The New York City Rugby League consortium is following in the footsteps of the Toronto Wolfpack and has lodged a bid to play in the Rugby Football League’s (RFL) professional tier in England.

Founders of the New York club hope to get the go-ahead to enter at Championship level, just one step away from Super League.

Like Toronto, which has signed former NRL players such as Fuifui Moimoi, Dave Taylor and Ashton Sims, the New York bid wants to attract prominent NRL talent.

Two former Australian internationals, one a prop and the other a back, have already been approached to play for the new club in 2019.

Bid co-founder Ricky Wilby has confirmed that Gold Coast fullback and ex-NFL running back Hayne is one of their targets.

“Jarryd Hayne would a perfect signing for a team in New York given his background in the NFL, given his love of American sports, given the profile he has in Australia,” Wilby said.

“He would be a perfect fit. I’ve not spoken to Jarryd, but I would love to. It would great to meet with his agent and discuss a way forward.”

Hayne is represented by veteran agent Wayne Beavis.

Wilby said the New York bid is backed by an unnamed investor who has promised PS4.3 million ($A7.2m) in initial funds for the club for the first two years and then more investment if required.

All of the visiting teams’ flights and accommodation costs from the UK will be covered by the New York club.

The new franchise is looking to play its home games at Red Bull Arena, which hosts Major League Soccer’s New York Red Bulls and has a capacity of 25,000 spectators.

Wilby said the New York club would be based full-time in the American city, unlike the Wolfpack, which is based partly in Yorkshire, and play two games at home and then two games away.

“Toronto being accepted has given the game over here (in the UK) a big shot in the arm,” he said.

"We looked at their model and there’s certain aspects that we could improve.

“We wanted to base our team in New York and give, not only players, but fans an experience.”

“We want to bring rugby league to a massive sports market.”


Jarryd Hayne should go…It’s his DREAM…

My dream too ……for Hayne to go I mean

They’ve had domestic comps for a while there now, trying to expand into 2nd/3rd tier in the UK is only good for the game

Man their backer must have to write off a lot for tax purposes - " All of the visiting teams’ flights and accommodation costs from the UK will be covered by the New York club."

Good for the game of Rugby League. Also good for the Australian sporting public if Hayne goes too…

Merge with gun control thread?

It would be very exciting for the sport of rugby league if more teams start flowing into SuperLeague. In time, they could potentially have enough teams to have their own comp. From there, you can expect some player drain from the NRL, which may potentially hurt the local comp.

The NRL may be forced into being risk-takers. Innovate or die. Expansion may finally happen again…

But just think about the world game. In a generation, Australia probably wouldn’t be the top nation. Watching the emergence of countries like USA and Canada would be thrilling. Of course, this is assuming the USA would be interested in playing internationals…

Was watching the TV and it said that Sookie Soward was interested in coaching this team

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