Ivan Cleary donates Kidney..

Just reported on 9 News…

Ivan donated a kidney to his sick brother…

Family comes first…Ivan Legend… :master:

Wests Tigers coach Ivan Cleary donates kidney to brother

By Danny Weidler • Sport Reporter
6:13pm Oct 18, 2017

Wests Tigers coach Ivan Cleary has made a career on based on courage and selflessness and now he has taken it to another level.

Cleary, 46, has made an incredible sacrifice – he has donated his a kidney to his brother Ash.

It is the truest act of brotherly love.

9NEWS understands that Cleary had the operation late last week and he spent several days in hospital.

He is back at home with his family.

Ivan is understood to be recovering well. Ash’s condition is unknown.

Cleary had the support of the Wests Tigers club to have the operation and club insiders say that this act of selflessness underlines why they chose him to lead their club.

Attempts to contact Cleary and Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe were unsuccessful.


Thats quite a gift…well done coach

The greatest gift one can give to another ,can only respect a person that would do this !

What an amazing man.

Anyone who doubts his appointment as WT coach just had their doubts laid to rest.

Will obviously earn the respect of every person he deals with being such a wonderful human being.

WT greatest ever signing

That’s pretty courageous of him. If he were to encounter kidney problems later in life, he’s only got the one now. Very selfless act. And to have done it in the off season too. Good man Ivan.

All coaching stuff aside, i think that is a very decent act as a human. Wouldnt matter which club it was.

But if we are making our club of these people, well done board and CEO Pascoe.

He seems like a good guy doesn’t he.

A more noble act would be hard to find - kudos to Ivan for a remarkable gift.
Also a timely reminder to register as an organ donor when you die and tell your family about your wishes. Don’t take them with you - save a life from your death bed.

Top shelf effort coach. Great example to set for his team, be selfless and act the interests of those around you.

What an awesome person we have for a coach. A decent human being and an inspiration to everyone.

A selfless act from a decent bloke, and no publicity surrounding it too, some players could learn a lot about life from this guy.

Well done Ivan…. :sign:

What a champion guy. I hope the guys putting the deadlines on him already take a step back from this and realise purely as a human being, he deserves us fans to do the right thing by him and give him 110% support to get our club back on track.

He certainly more than embodies the characteristics of someone I want leading our club.

Just what you’d expect from a quality human being like Ivan. We couldn’t have got a better man.

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