Old vs New

Something I noticed. Two teams were clearly rebuilding at the end of 2017, the Tigers and the Knights.

The Tigers really recruited young guns. We have signed many Junior faces like Tui, twal, etc. When we have signed older players, not many are over 30. I think Chris McQueen is our oldest next to Marshall (who is a club legend and a bit of a special signing).

The knights however have recruited many older players. We see SKD in the centers. Jacob Lillyman and Chris Heighington in the front and while they have some juniors. They have hired more of the aged then we have.

So who has the best strategy? Is it wise to mix players at the end of their career with those who are starting it? Or is our way a solid way to build for the future?

We have recruited more NRL game experience than we have in the past…I think that is the most important factor rather than age of the recruits who have been part of Origin series, Premiership sides, Grand Finals and internationals…We are still a relatively young side yes but these guys experience from other Clubs will benefit our young guys,

How quickly Cleary can get them to gel will be the key…

Prefer not to be catering to players swansongs.

Geo nailed it… Games experience is a vital ingredient in an NRL Squad.

They dont get much praise and many underestimate what a John Morris type of player brings, yet he achieved 300 games in the NRL. Throughout his career, this bloke always turned up and never let his team down. He hardly scored the winning play, or kicked the winning goal, but he just worked away on the field, and moreso off it setting a great standard in preparation.

Personally, I feel the Knights are 1 year behind us and the aged talent they have bought will play a vital part over the next 3 years in their rise.

I think the reason Knights have been wooden spooners and we haven’t been quite so bad is Tigers have managed to get more out of our junior talent.

Both clubs struggle to sign marquee players, both clubs have a decent nursery but can’t keep all the juniors. Difference has been that Tigers have managed to bring through guys like Tedesco and Woods, whereas Knights have really maxed out with the Saifits and Brock Lamb.

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