Mugabe overthrown in Zimbabwe?

Seeing reports of a military coup in Zimbabwe. Though the guy had a hand in rightfully fighting to get his people’s lands from the foreigners that took it from them, he has long ruled the country with an iron fist and taken it to the almost the point of collapse.

It was formerly a majestic country with mineral and natural assets, as well as a booming tourism industry. I have wanted to visit those lands for some time now, so I hope that this despot is gone and the coming years will allow safe travel in an again prosperous country.

I’ve been there many times, including recently. There are still lots of tourists there, mainly in the Vic falls area near the Botswana border. I never had any reason to feel unsafe there. I’d definitely recommend you go if you get a chance, especially if you like elephants, hippos and birds. Lots of unique birds in Zim. You can also get yourself a 20 billion dollar note for a few bucks off street hawkers.

As for Mugabe, about time.

Good riddance. Should have happened 30 years ago

As usual, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Probably started off with the best of intentions for his people but once he got on the gravy train there was never getting off of his own volition.

About time, hopefully things turn around and the country becomes prosperous once again.

Zimbabwe white farmers will still get slaughtered even if this madman is out of office


Zimbabwe white farmers will still get slaughtered even if this madman is out of office

The properties should have been transformed into co-ops with the white farmers as respected well paid managers for a few decades, including partial compensation for buildings. Only partial compo due to the history of their involvement using cheap labour and probably free land originally.

Easy to burn bridges both sides.

Mugabe has been punished by the military for banishing another of their cronies. You cut the head off the snake and another 2 grow.
Unfortunately it will not change anything for the general population, just change who gets to stick their snout deep into the trough

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