Tigers - wildlife donations

Was anyone else fascinated by these amazing animals as a kid or just me?

One of the saddest things I remember from school days was leaning that they were so severely threatened. I have started looking for ways to donate to genuine charities with a focus on the tiger. Found one from Australia Zoo, but wondering if anyone knows of organisations in the field that are doing good work.

I have great sympathy for people who share their land with apex predators, so habitat creation is probably what I’d most like to contribute to.

Thanks forumites

Hi Old Man Tiger
I think World Wildlife Fund has a couple of Save the Tiger programs that you can donate to in various ways. I think they might be focussed on preserving habitat. Don’t know much more sorry.

Ask Benny Elias. I am sure he has a venture you can put your money into

Thanks NT
Appreciate the tip.

There’s a save the Tiger campaign on Foxtel at the moment.

I donate monthly to WWF tiger’s.

It’s a sponsorship.

You get to choose an animal to sponsor and i chose the tiger and put the sponsorship in my son’s name.

They send you the details of the wild tiger you sponaor with photos of it that were captured by people who monitor there progress.

The updates are great.

The female tiger we sponsor died of old age but she had many litters over the year’s and they are all apparently doing well.

The money also goes towards helping educate people how to live with tiger’s.

Look them up on the internet and you will find all the info you need.

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