On the other hand...

Even though we lost 2 in a row, and coaching selections (or blunders, if you will) leave scratching our heads (and I am assuming most of us have scars on our heads by now 😉 ) we are showing signs that, when we are on our game, we can match it with any team in the comp. We can still strike from anywhere on the field. Despite our pack being “small” we weren’t steam rolled by the Panthers last night. And remember we still have Payten to come back. Now, all this means bugger all if we don’t win, however we have to pin our hopes on the good things we CAN do if we are to make the 8’s. Else, we may as well take the dust off the 2005 DVD (yet again 😒 )

Incidentally, mastercoach quote is “Good sides don’t lose 2 in a row” - my spin on this “Good coaches don’t miss the finals 5 years in a row”…

And finally, RESPECT for all ANZACS today, including former Tiger players or supporters that lost their life in combat.

lets eliminate the blunders so we can stop scratching our heads. it starts the top - first thing first - who picks the team each week - who is that? that person must be held accountable. how basic can it be? but yeh - not a bad post - valid points.

The best thing that came out of yesterday was that we lost

Imagine if we had won that, it would give Sheens license to wreak positional anarchy for the rest of the season

need to put to good halves of footy together, consistently.
there are players to return, but can’t keep losing in the meantime.
need to beat roosters and have the 4 point win, then return fresh for the bunnies.

We are the most talented football team in the comp. We just need to learn how to win on a regular basis. That and injuries - we have had a terrible run of injuries.

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