Who's playing for us in 2018?

  • Is it too early to try and pick a starting team?
    Who is in our squad?

  • Okie dokie wt01 - will do.

  • @:

    have a look at http://www.weststigersforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=263&t=28694&sid=5f24f2b13bad6c79b5bd094268878dd0

    that is for the NRL side while this is the NYC or the new version at least for undeer 20s

  • Hopefully a stronger squad than last year. Last year was maybe the worst we have performed in all 3 grades.

    Alatanu Wright
    Alex Seyfarth
    Ben Seufale
    Ben Stevanovic (Eligible for SG Ball)
    Bennett Wheelhouse
    Bill Stapleton
    Byron Pinkerton
    Connelly Leumelu
    Curtis Wilson
    Edward Carter
    Gus Garzaniti
    Harrison Leonard
    Henry Lealuga-Puhotau (Eligible for SG Ball)
    Israel Seufale
    Jake Scott
    James Tautaiolefua
    Jarrod Spicer
    Jesse Allan
    Jonothan Talamaivao
    Josh Bermingham
    Kane McQuiggin
    Kiani Marshall
    Liam Pakau
    Lucas Castle
    Max Burey
    Moana Matakaiongo
    Nathan Tui
    Peter Pakoti
    Pulonga Kavaefiafi
    Riley Cheshire
    Rua Ngati (Eligible for SG Ball)
    Shondre Lee-Silva
    Will Lawson

    Coach: Craig Wilson
    Assistant: Gary Burgess

    Dylan Smith
    Heath Gibbs
    Sam McIntyre
    Thomas Mikaele

    Source: https://www.weststigers.com.au/news…ers-confirm-2018-isp-and-jersey-flegg-squads/

  • Israel Seufale is from the Dragons but originally is a Cabramatta junior. Just reading up on him at the Dragons he is a half but some believe he is an outside back.

    Just reading on the SIlvertaills Forum about Jess Allen. Spoken of as a NRL prospect with good pace and evasion. Must be David Warwick at work with these two players.

  • Wests Tigers confirm 2018 ISP and Jersey Flegg squads
    Author Wests Tigers
    Mon 29 Jan 2018, 05:01 PM

    Wests Tigers have confirmed the club’s Intrust Super Premiership and Jersey Flegg (U/20’s) squads for the 2018 season with a number of new players set to feature.

    Craig Wilson will coach Wests Tigers Jersey Flegg side in 2018 as part of a new, state-based pathways competition, with previous experience in junior development and coaching at both the Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks. Wilson played 150 First Grade Games for the North Sydney Bears, South Queensland Crushers and Illawarra Steelers between 1991 and 1998 before heading to the UK, joining Gateshead in 1999 and finishing his playing career with Hull FC in 2000.

    Wests Tigers Life Member and Premiership Winner Brett Hodgson will coach the Intrust Super Premiership side in 2018, participating as the Western Suburbs Magpies. Hodgson returned to Wests Tigers as a part of the club’s coaching staff this season, having spent the past few years as an Assistant Coach at the Widnes Vikings in Super League.

    Wests Tigers’ Development List players — Dylan Smith, Heath Gibbs, Sam McIntyre and Tom Mikaele — all train with the full-time squad and will feature in the Jersey Flegg and Intrust Super Premiership competitions.

    Both sides have trained well in the preseason that commenced in the second week of November in preparation for the season ahead. The 2018 season will officially get underway for both sides on Saturday, March 10 when they take on the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs with the Intrust Super Premiership team in action at ANZ Stadium and Jersey Flegg at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

    Official draws for both competitions will be confirmed by NSWRL in the coming weeks.


    Alatanu Wright — Front Row

    Alex Seyfarth — Second Row

    Ben Seufale — Second Row

    Ben Stevanovic — Halfback, Five-Eighth

    Bennett Wheelhouse — Hooker

    Bill Stapleton — Second Row

    Byron Pinkerton — Utility

    Connelly Leumelu — Fullback, Wing

    Curtis Wilson — Wing, Centre

    Edward Carter — Front Row

    Gus Garzaniti — Halfback, Five-Eighth

    Harrison Leonard — Front Row

    Henry Lealuga-Puhotau — Second Row

    Israel Seufale — Wing, Centre

    Jake Scott — Hooker

    James Tautaiolefua — Wing, Centre, Fullback

    Jarrod Spicer — Second Row

    Jesse Allan — Wing, Centre

    Jonothan Talamaivao — Front Row

    Josh Bermingham — Halfback, Five-Eighth

    Kane McQuiggin — Second Row

    Kiani Marshall — Utility

    Liam Pakau — Centre, Wing

    Lucas Castle — Second Row

    Max Burey — Halfback, Five-Eighth

    Moana Matakaiongo — Front Row

    Nathan Tui — Wing, Centre

    Peter Pakoti — Wing, Centre

    Pulonga Kavaefiaifi — Wing, Centre

    Riley Cheshire — Front Row

    Rua Ngati — Hooker

    Shrondre Lee-Silva — Wing, Centre

    Will Lawson — Front Row

    Coach: Craig Wilson

    Assistant: Gary Burgess


    Dylan Smith — Fullback

    Heath Gibbs — Centre, Wing

    Sam McIntyre — Second Row, Lock, Front Row

    Thomas Mikaele — Front Row

  • Shrondre Lee-Silva — Wing, Centre a regular try scorer in the Dragon’s NYC team last year. Originally a Wests’ Campbelltown junior? Can someone confirm this? thanks

  • interesting it’s referred to as Jersey Flegg once more

  • Flegg used to be u/19s right?
    Harold Matthews u/15s
    SG Ball u/17s
    Jersey Flegg u/19s
    Presidents Cup u/21s?

  • Byron Pinkerton - Mittagong Lions
    Harrison Leonard - Brothers Penrith
    Jarrod Spicer - Eels sg ball/ u20s
    Monana Matakaionga -South Eastern Seagulls

  • @:

    Flegg used to be u/19s right?
    Harold Matthews u/15s
    SG Ball u/17s
    Jersey Flegg u/19s
    Presidents Cup u/21s?

    Correct…then at some stage it increased a year so Matts became 16s, Ball 18s, Flegg 20s and Presidents cup was scrapped…U/23s next then reserves and firsts

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